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Norm in Fujino Feb 15, 2004 1:16 AM

Mt. Fuji from my backyard
Well, slight overstatement. Not my backyard exactly, but from the summit of a nearby mountain.

Notes: Mt. Fuji lies about 45 kilometers (as the crow flies) from my house, but we're too low in the valley to see it. A nice mountain trail begins just in front of our house, though, and a 30-minute walk takes us to the summit of Mt. Hachioka (460m), from which we can just see the top of the great mountain. Unfortunately, even here, there are some wires and tree limbs making it difficult to find a clear shot.

Yesterday was haru ichiban, a powerful warm southern wind that raises the temperatures and signals spring. The same wind was blowing again today, making the walk up the mountain very pleasant. I took about 15 photos, and in the few seconds' interval between each photo the cloud patterns on Mt. Fuji changed incredibly, showing how powerful the wind must've been blowing there as well. Glad I wasn't climbing it today.
Olympus C-755, 10x (63mm), SHQ, contrast at -2, manual focus (inf) (to focus through the trees). Enhanced with PSP5 for contrast and color.

Klaus DK Feb 16, 2004 11:52 AM

Nice shot, but a bit difficult to see what you mean, if one can't see an ordinary shot of the mount Fuji. I have to say this....why didn't you crop it a bit to remove those annoying wires and trees in the foreground ?
Why not post a comparable shot together with this ?

Herb Feb 16, 2004 1:17 PM

I assume that you either cropped the picture or that you used considerable zoom? It'd be interesting to know.

It gives a powerful impression of immense size - much moreso than most pictures of Mt, Fuji.

Norm in Fujino Feb 16, 2004 4:13 PM

Klaus and Herb,
The shot's certainly not a great one of Mt. Fuji--it's simply the only one :o possible around here, given the geography. I didn't crop or clone out the limbs and wires since I wanted to show how "desperate" and marginal a photo opp it really was, not to mention that cropping would also have totally removed the tip of the mountain from any context.

In a kind of "human interest" sense, I like the shot because so few people in town even know that Mt. Fuji is visible from here (needless to say, only on days with very clear weather).

Herb, yes, I shot this at full 10x zoom, handheld, but it was bright enough to raise the shutter speed to between 1/450 and 1/800 depending on my shot. I had a small tripod with me, but it wasn't tall enough to lift the camera out of the worst of the branches and wires, so hand-held was the only way.

For sake of comparison, here's another shot of the full mountain, taken basically from the same angle. I shot this one a year ago at Lake Yamanaka, which is right at the foot of the mountain about 1 hour's drive from my home. The camera was my old Olympus D-620 (C-1400 XL in Japan) and the zoom was set at only about 1.5x
I managed to keep from blocking out the whites on most of the mountain, though the left side was simply impossible to preserve given the absence of controls on the D620 and my lack of things like ND filters, etc.

Klaus DK Feb 16, 2004 5:16 PM

Oh, great shot that second one... I like the swan - it makes the difference.


not to mention that cropping would also have totally removed the tip of the mountain from any context.
No, not I don't think so. It's a matter of skills I have to say! I show a technique on how to rebuild things on my website. But that's another story.

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