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Great picks. Your night shots are amazing. Love #4.
PD: For some reason i can not see #6 and #7. I tried going direct to tinypic url and even so...
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Very nice VV. Love the night shots.

there is a little vig in the shots, what wide angle did you used? You may want to go with a slim cp-l. I like the vig effect. It works out nicely on the shots actually.

How crowed was it at the falls. It is normally pack in the summer.
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Thanks, Paul. My wife (Vi) was laughing when she read your post. She said you lived so close to Niagara Falls.

Thanks, spy. The rain sleeves look like a useful thing to keep in my bag. I'll get one the next time I go to B&H.

Thanks, Ordo. I'm not sure why you can't view #6 and #7. In any case, I reproduced them here using a different server:

#6) If you ever get tired of watching rainbows...

#7) ...you can always hit the rides.

Thanks, shoturtle. I actually have the (Hoya) slim cpl. I added a slight vignette on photos I take. I'm glad you liked it.

This is actually my second slim cpl. I broke the first one. I was testing it at Tudor City and rotating it to see the minimum and maximum polarization positions. While turning it I actually unscrewed it and it fell 100 feet to the sidewalk below. So I ordered a second one.

Yes Niagara Falls summer crowd was packed. It doesn't show much crowd in #6 but to the left of the building on the left (the Visitor Center) is where most of the crowd was. We left close to midnight and there was still a big crowd. Not just at the promenade but in the streets away from the Falls, too. Many were in groups some wearing party dresses (women in black short-skirt one-piece dresses and high heels). I took some street shots when the night was still early.

#10) The Frankenstein building has the best looking facade, IMO.

#11) Crowd in front of the FX Ride Theater.

#12) Crowd in front of Dave & Busters.
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Youre shots are all very good Billy. All the signs are razor sharp. You've really captured the feel of the place.
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Old Jul 18, 2010, 7:12 AM   #15
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Thanks, Paul. It was fun. It was even more fun than Times Square because of all the rides and good-naturedly feeling. Tiring but fun.
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