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Paulo Teixeira May 26, 2009 10:15 PM

Nikon D80 scenery photos
After nearly 4 years since I got my Associates of Science degree in TV Broadcasting, I’ve decided that I should go back to college and get a Bachelors degree in Digital Filmmaking. Part of the courses that you need in order to graduate is "photography for non photography majors“. I knew I just had to get the class this semester because I might be getting the Panasonic GH1 in June and it all depends if I can handle paying for it. It would be a heck of a lot easier if Best Buy decides to carry it once it’s released in the US but because they didn’t carry the photo only version, the G1, the chances are slim. I would have had to pay it off in 18 months no interest. When I first tried to register for that class it was full. I found out days later that it got opened again but somehow it got full again. I told one of the college officials if they can do me a favor and put me in the class right away if it ever gets opened. Thinking that it going to be too late, I received confirmation that I got in.

Anyway, On the second week of class we were told to take 25 outdoor photos with the schools D80’s. To make it difficult, the photos couldn’t include cars, architectures, people or animals. Since I like taking scenery shots I figured that this shouldn’t be hard. I admit that it was difficult using a DSLR in full manual mode and some of the shots that I thought was going to be excellent ended up not looking the way I wanted. Once I got though taking all the photos, I had a tough time choosing 25 photos from the 45 that I figured were good enough to show in class. I obviously took a lot more than 45 photos by the way. The third week of class was this morning and I think I did pretty well with the 25 photos I showed to everybody.

Here’s all 45:

Keep in mind that the date on the photos are way off. Next time I borrow a D80, the first thing I will do is make sure the date is accurate. I should have checked it beforehand.

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