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Digicamfan, i share your sentiments. i have some 'snapshots' of my father during the war... he was also a Marine, and served in every major campaign from Guadalcanal to Okinawa. pictures of him sitting on a log with his buddies, though worthless to anyone else, have meaning for me. on the other hand, the immortalimage of the Marines raising the flag at Mt. Suribachi is definitely a 'photograph', even though it's not a particularly good image in terms of photo quality, and was staged for the photo anyway (the original flag-raising occurred a short distance away, several hours earlier). but it evokes intense feelings in all who view it, especially among those whose forebears stood on that black sand andlooked up to seeOld Glory fluttering from that mountain...

but, all that being said, does that mean we're doomed to taking only snapshots unless we happen upon some subject of historical significance? i also believe we can all capture good photographs of less dramatic or "important" subjects. we're not limited to photojournalism as a genre for great pictures... anything can be a 'photograph', it's all in how we see and record the image, and whether it elicits an emotional reaction inothers who view it...
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Hi there everyone! I agree a lot with what many people have said in this topic. Thanks for the open and mature discussion on this topic. I agree that a lot of art and photography IS subjective and various photos can be very precious to each of us personally.

At the same time, as has already been well explained (e.g. by Tullio and Squirl033), there is a development and a level of skill as a "photographer" which also plays a part, capturing a composition that "speaks" as much as it maybe can, using light, shape, form and other elements able to be captured in a "shot". Forums such as this one at Steve's digicams are GREAT to share and learn from each other (btw this is the forum I look at most, and the ONLY one I've posted to).

I look forward to looking at people's photos each time I log in to this website. True some photos might not have as much thought / skill put into them as others, and I'm glad that generally people on these forums are accommodating and helpful. There are many skilled people here who help those who need advice / feedback, and the "more experienced/ skilled people" seem to have both the ability to make stunning photos and the time to do a lot of posting... which is a good thing I think for all of us along the skills / experience spectrum.

Photography contains a very personal flavour. And I like getting to sort of "know" some people via their photos as well as their comments. Seeing part of their lives, perspective, etc. And that's a very enriching thing. That's why I also browse other forums and photography websites, though I do not spend hours at it each day (as I feel maybe other people here do :-)!!!) I'm an international mission / charity worker (born in Australia- living in Tasmania for 22 years- lived in London for 5 years, now based in Romania) so you could imagine various photos speak to me relating to my fields of life experience more than others.

I hope my contribution was also helpful. Let's keep this forum rolling... and benefit each other. Seeing as this is posted in the landscape forum, I'll post a photo I hope fits in here.... This one is of a typical Tasmanian landscape (Tasmania = an island / state, south of mainland Australia) , taken almost exactly 12 months ago to the day... last time I was there.
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Hello pj1974,

I love this photo for a theme I "see" in it.

The theme is...

"Ships are safe in harbor..."

Harbor in this case defines both the quiet waters and the lowlands.

Following onon the theme is...,.

"...but that is not why ships are built."

So, the sea and mountain tops beckon to bring us out of the lethargy that "comfortable living" can sometimes cause.
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Hi digcamfan!

Well you certainly have some interesting insights into this photo (or "snapshot")! :lol:

Really I appreciate what you could see in it, and could share in your response. Indeed often this harbour CAN have winds and quite rough seas, but the day I was there it was quite pleasant beach weather!

So I guess that shows an interesting aspect of photography (even if the photos are sometimes rather "snapshoty").... that there is often a story for each person, or behind the mind of the one of composes it.

Thanks for not being lethargic in sharing... you're a very positive commenter, not just here but to many other posts I've seen as well.

Have a good day

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bhammitt wrote:
The thing I enjoy most about our forum is sharing, learning and chatting with others that love photography. We all come from different backgrounds, skill levels and parts of the world, but it is obvious we all love taking photos. If you follow the forum and really watch you see most people really grow their photography skills over time with tips and helps from watching the people who are farther along than they are. I know I have learned alot and gotten encouragement from people here and I want to pass that along to others. I enjoy looking at everyones work. be it a snapshot or photograph.


Bob has captured well what Squirel, Tullio and others have said. I have been on this forum for a few months but what I have enjoyed most is sharing by viewing others pictures for I don't post much, commenting on other folks photos for this has particularly helped me learn a lot of details from other folks shot, conversing with others: we gradually get to know each other, for those of us who post regularly. In this way we chat. The bigger picture is that life is more than just being professional. It is also about being and there are different ways of being!:homey: Kind regards. Jaki
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