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brtsergio Feb 6, 2004 3:51 PM

Reaching Sass Pordoi With The Cableway : 5 shots
I post this sequence just to show how a travel in a cableway to reach the top of this mountain can be ( I would have never posted the last shot otherwise ;-) ) :

P.S. :
- automatic levels
- automatic contrast
- burn tool brush
- sponge (saturation mode) tool brush of sky

Klaus DK Feb 6, 2004 6:37 PM

Good shots!

I wanna go back!!!!!

stephendickey Feb 6, 2004 6:41 PM

Is it just me or does that building look quite unstable? :shock:

A nice series of pictures! They might look nice if they were reduced in size and the arranged in a diagonal line across an A4 sheet of photo paper. Then some sort of simple frame and background colour added.

brtsergio Feb 7, 2004 2:52 AM


Originally Posted by stephendickey
Is it just me or does that building look quite unstable? :shock:

Well, it may look like but have a look at it from a different point of view :

Actually the last shot always reminds me of some scenes of the Deep Core in The Abyss movie ...

Thanx for the comments Klaus : yes, I told you it has a rather different look in winter than in summer :wink:

And thanx for the suggestion, stephendickey.

bcoultry Feb 7, 2004 9:26 AM

That second photo is particularly dramatic. Also, the cliff puts me in mind of that famous rock formation in Australia, though, for the life of me, I can't remember its name. It has the same stark look to it.

stephendickey Feb 7, 2004 12:44 PM

Barbera are you thinking of Ayers Rock?

PS: This is not my picture!

bcoultry Feb 7, 2004 1:37 PM

Yes, I most certainly was. Thank you. I always remember what something or someone looks like but can't remember a name. (I once tried to introduce my husband to someone but couldn't remember his name. How difficult can it be to remember a name like Tom?)

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