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Steve McQueen was a movie star of the past generation who starred in really bad science fiction movie called 'The Blob".

Back to your photo. As steve pointed out the exposure was adequate which actually, for night shots using an automatic camera is a feat. This is because the camera tries to calculate an exposure for objects that are actually located within the range of the flash (about 3 meters) and tends to underexpose objects further away. So considering everything your shot was an achievement.

Yes, there is a slight tilt to the building.

I guess from a composition standpoint you need to make a decision, do you think about taking a good shot of the building or a good shot of the mountain outlined in the background or a good shot of the street scene. You really shouldn't think about taking one shot that keeps all three in focus. It's too difficult. You will probably have better luck concentrating on highlighting one of the three.

Incidentally, while it does help to gave a great/good camera with lots of features, it is possible to take good pictures with fixed focus cameras that have no manual features. See the picture of a sunset below taken with a HP Photosmart 315 (No manual features, no zoom, nothing other than adequate lens). The best advice is keep clicking away and keep learning.

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Then it's all horrible!
No it's not horrible as such (decent holiday snap) but it won't win any prizes.

I take loads of pics and only a few are quite good and I've been at it for Donkey's years.

I'm showing my age with the Steve Mcqueen thing.

Hey Selvin that's a very good photo.
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Hmm nice! looks like a nice quiet place to holiday at!
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Yes, nice pic.

I'm thinking, if they build a cam to have auto focus and auto exposure, why not let focus and exposure manual too? It's easier to let it manual that automatic!


Thank's for all comments.
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