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belibeli Nov 10, 2005 3:47 PM

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This is santipetri island with a roman castle . And This is an unknown history.

They were thirteen Hercules' works!!!..., and not twelve. The hero, very unconsciously, create the symbol of the Dollar, enigmatic ideogram today used by millions of individuals who don't suspect that in the $summary two thousand years of the history of Spain.

According to the Greek mythology, it was in Gibralta or in the Island of Santipetri, beside the extensive blue sea that the valiant Hercules limited with two columns Zeus' world.

Years passed evaporating the centuries, lapsing the History up to 1610 in that Spain, bending under the weight of the taken gold of America, it decided, to facilitate the commercial exchanges in the earth that from Columbus... it became round, to coin of eight reales whose symbol would be Hercules' two columns with themotto "Plus Ultra"(further on... of the doors of the old world).

The Englishmen adopted these currencies, calling them Plunder-Dollar (to Plunder, being translated by column); as much as to the origin of the name «Dollar», in Germany we have to look for it.

To the first years of the XVI century, the count Schlick made coin in the city of «Joachimsthal» (valley of Joaqu*n), in Bohemia, called currencies Joachims Thaler, being abbreviated the name in the course of the years in Thaler.

The Englishmen that later used these currencies, they called them successively Thaler..., Tholer..., and finally, Dollar, the current American monetary unit.

Among so much, they were coined in Spain new currencies, where wrapped up Hercules' columns for a garland took inscribed Plus Ultra, being integrated then as symbol in the Spanish shield, being perpetuated in the national one.

It was during the Congress of the United States in July of the year 1787 that it was decided the creation of the Dollar, with the same parity that the Spanish Five pesetas, adopting as symbol the $, stylizing the columns of the Spanish shield whose garland transformed in «S».

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