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thekman620 Sep 14, 2004 5:55 PM

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I found this one in the archives. I shot it in black and white. It was very gray and cloudy, so black and white seemed appropriate. There was hardly anyone around in a usually busy place. This one person walked by, and I happened to get the shot. Any suggestions for exposure on black and white? I've done very little in this mode and would like some tips if anyone has any. Thanks.... thekman

photosbyvito Sep 14, 2004 6:49 PM

nice shot!

i like it alot!

one thing though, if you have a photo editor, if you shoot in color, you can make it B/W on the pc....but if you decide you don't want it b/'re not stuck, you can use the color...

nice job with this shot though :)

i love b/w shots..


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