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{Sorry, that was meant to be STICKING my neck out}

How much of a landscape do we see in our minds, and what do we actually portray via the photo ?? I have to ask myself this, because many times i will look at some of my photos, and think - thats' great, or what a magnificent scene- where, maybe it's not bad, perhaps good, but the scenery or place might hold a lot more place in my mind due to life's circumstances than the actual composition, etc.

So the challenge to me then is to try and isolate myself from the personal emotion of the "scene" and place myself objectively in it as if I was someone else viewing it for the first time, and then see - is it good or not??

IE : the attached pic for me depicts a scene of "Desolation", because this place has great memories for me and my family, the liitle cottage is where my wife and I spent our 11th wedding anniversary, and many other wonderful holidays.We used to swing our kids on the branches of the now dead eucalyptus trees on the right, the branch of the dead tree in front is a 100yr old oak that a tornadoblew down, and it has since burntout.

Please don't get me wrong, it's not all doom and gloom, my kids have grown, all doing well, my wife and I are happily married, going on for our 26th anniversary, and 50 metersto the left of this is another cottageinwhichwe still have wonderfulholidays [AND THEY ARE IN COLOR]

So I suppose my question is : does/can this scene depict something like I have mentioned above purely by the pic, or is it only in MY mind because of the experiences?? - and I suppose what I'm also getting at is : I think it would be an achievement as a photographer to be able to convey emotions and thoughts via scenes without having to TELL the story - Wow, what a philosophical post !!

Edit : Im have used USM in this pic using a large radius and quite a quantity to give it almost a post-nuclear type of effect, I see on the postin the small jpg formit seems a bit overdone, but that was meant to be the "effect"

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Hi Jake! I understand what you are saying, the photo does depict desolation. I felt that when I first saw it and after studying it for awhile.

Bob H.
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I can almost see a tumbleweed bouncing by. Do they have tumbleweeds in South Africa?
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Ok guys,

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I have a few comments. When I view this pic I become sad. It conveys emotion to me. I see this pic and think of lost hope or failed dreams. I can almost imagine some young couple building a cottage in a lush green field with green trees and blue sky. To live happily ever after. However, somewhere along the way things went wrong. The house fell in disrepair as you imagine the dreams and hopes did also of the occupants. Even the trees bowed to sadness of the day and died. The once sunny sky begins to cloud over as closing curtin on a failed dream.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"This could be a country song *LOL*.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Well that is what I get from the pic. I shoot landscape but not much emotion other than oh an ah....

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"This is a great pic from an artistic stand point .. it conveys feeling and evokes emotion from those that view it. THAT IS ART.



P.S. Please post a happier pic ...... I am running out of hankies...

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Definately something different and a great picture. I wishIhad seen it first beforereading the story and written what I felt. I thinktheblack and white gives it a feelingof something that isfinished whereas if it were in colour it might have given the feeling of opportunity to start something new.
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Old Apr 15, 2005, 3:24 AM   #6
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I wishIhad seen it first beforereading the story and written what I felt

Thanks john, I suppose that is what I'm saying : It could be possible to express a mood or theme or emotions, good or bad, sad or happy, via photography, and the challenge for me is to express that mood and the mood be felt or perceived WITHOUT telling the story [I just added the facts about the place for interests sake], so the photo would have to be good enough to convey the photographers intention, or even the viewers own interpretation of [something similar]

I suppose portraits would be an easier medium to convey this, however, I'm sure one could use landscapes as well

Thanks for looking in
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Do they have tumbleweeds in South Africa?
I think they do in the desert ares [karoo], but not here [this is actually quite a lush area, in fact this scene was taken a few hundred meteres away

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I think you got the intended effect pretty close. Looks to me like it is a scene out ofsome sort ofnuclear type disaster. Even the trees look wasted. That gives the impression that not only did the inhabitants of the cottage feel the brunt of whatever happened, but for the treees to be wasted, it must have been a major train wreck. Best regards,

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I think we infuse our emotions into pictures, as emotional beings I don't think we have any choice. The photo to me is bleak, as I have no emotional attachment to this spot, even after reading the story. My thoughts about the good feelings you have about this picture are because of the experiences you had here.
The area looks like the edge of a ghost town.

Very nicely done high contrast.

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Old Apr 17, 2005, 1:05 AM   #10
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yes, it does evoke a feeling of desolation and desertion. the b&w image helps in that regard. photographically, the only difference i might have made would be to change the angle ever so slightly, to get just a bit less "busy" in the foreground, maybe take the shot from the other side of that first branch... too many silhouetted trees for my taste. but that's nothing to do with the sense of post-apocalyptic loneliness of the place... very good, very evocative shot.
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