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Am sorting and postprocessing my pics from the Ireland vacation this year and thought I share this one with you. It was a very cloudy day with only some rays of sunshine here and there highlighting several areas / spots and some dark shadows from the clouds.

Location is on the west side of Lough Foyle, in the north-east of Ireland.

This kind of lightning was not very helpful for taking the pics and I am still learning how to do this but I think you can still imagine that it was VERY NICE to be there - at least if you like nature and the coast and the ocean and stuff.


Btw. It didn't started to rain, although I hurried to my car after taking the photos... that's Ireland - you can't be sure of the weather.

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I like it, the dark sky adds nicely to the atmosphere,

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I like it too. The light adds to the atmosphere of the shot. Nicely done.
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Yep,I like it as well!The colourful parts stick out very nicely in an otherwise moody photo
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Old Sep 14, 2005, 2:47 AM   #5
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Thanks for the nice comments.

As for the colorful parts... You know when the red warm sun makes things "glow" a bit it can produce "more color" as normal to say so. The picture isslightly darker than it was originally but I wanted to show the clowds that really added to the dramatic feel.

Same beach on another day and at another time of day from the opposite side (lighthouse behind me). I was standing on the rocks you see in the water when I took the first photo.

You see that the sand isn't that colorful but it has these reddish areas already which were highlighted by the sun on the first pic. Same thing with the green of the plants and the grass. See it very green in the distance where the sun lit the area well and in foreground I had a big cloud producing shadow so everything looks somewhat pale and not richly saturated - but it comes very close to the original this way. All in all a very nice place this beach. The water was VERY cold, 5-10 mins of swimming and you came out red like a tomato and had to run circles at the beach to warm up :-).


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