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Beautiful day it was yesterday, decided not to go after birds... Instead, I want to explore the so little artist I have inside. Just travelling by car and looking for things that would spark an interest.
1st thing I saw was a wooden bridge (I love wooden bridge !). What was difficult was to find the proper angle and frame of the bridge, without showing power lines and such :

Another view of the bridge, and this bridge was saggy ! LOL :

Then in the area, there was this monument to the memoire of Joe MontFerrand, a very strong guy who was a raftman. Again I was having a hard time to frame this, but I think this is interesting :

Travelled quite a bit up north , to the Laurentide, QC and found this old railway bridge that have been transformed as a cyclist one :

Went down the stairs, on the other side :

And crossed underneath, was looking again for neat angle of the bridge :

And finally at another location, another small monument, called Le Grand Six Pieds :

The last sparked something in me, I could see that if I can align the head and the 2 lamps, it would do something interesting.

All these were taken with the Sigma EX 12-24 DG HSM, which I love.

I wish to receive critics about these shots, I need to improve "the artist in me" if there's any.

Larger image and EXIF here :


Ohh last thing, all these shots have no crop, frame taken as is with the CMOS

Cheers everyone

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The second brdge shot does it for me..

I liked your idea of aligning the lamps with the head o the statue. It's pretty hard to generate interest about a statue. Hae you tried taking only a portion to show features of the face or something similar?

The iron bridge is a nice photo but honestly it doesn't quite grab the viewer as much as the second wooden bridge shot.

Hope this helps.

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Old May 31, 2004, 10:15 PM   #3
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Eric , I love the first photo. The only solution I have about the power-pole problem is to carry a chainsaw, and remove those unsightly obstacles.:shock:
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Old Jun 1, 2004, 3:23 AM   #4
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http://www.bytephoto.com/photopost/d...framed-med.jpg and http://www.bytephoto.com/photopost/d...framed-med.jpg don't do it for me, but as for the others. Great! Good crisp colours. I think the trees blocking the bridge in the first one are a shame, it's good that they're there, but perhaps if you'd have squatted a little more (of course I don't know if you were standing or laying on your stomach) they would have been a little higher in the picture leaving the bridge un-obscured.
Another thing, framing pictures can ruin some pictures, I don't like it when people do it most of the time. But you don't seem to have harmed these photographs by doing so. I think you might have improved them with by doing. It seems to set them just nicely.
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Old Jun 1, 2004, 8:22 AM   #5
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hey eric! nice shots dude! i like 2,4,5,6 the best....

i've been to gettysburg so i know how hard it is to take shots of memorials.....good idea of matching up the head with the lights though! that's you thinking like aphotographer! gj

the composition in these are very well thought out! very nice work!
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