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Gimli Jul 18, 2003 4:06 AM

A waterfall
Went on a 32km hike last week with a friend and got the chance to play around with this waterfall for a bit.

I have many images and the waterfall was 3 tiers. Here is the last tier, though I guess I could of done a vertical shot..and perhaps framed it abit better oh well, perhaps I'll post the others later :)

How is it? I'm slowly trying to get my watefall pictures better and better.

koruvs Jul 18, 2003 9:00 AM

Hi Gimli,

Looks like the water is running pretty fast there. I like it, definately a good 'cotton' appearance. :)


Lauren Jul 18, 2003 10:04 PM

I've got to plan a trip up to Burnaby again one of these days. But why oh why does the mall close at 6:00 on Saturday?

I really like this picture. I remember you were trying to get the 'cottony' look to your moving water pictures and were having trouble, but it looks like you are really getting the hang of it.

This picture seems to capture the water halfway between absolutely frozen and cotton. Personally, I think this look is the best way to really emphasize the power of the rushing water. Your picture really does a good job of showing the crashing and splashing of the water.

You mentioned that you might have also done a vertical shot of the falls, but looking at the picture it seems that the falls themselves are pretty flat. Is the perspective tilted? I think the horizontal composition is really suited here where the water starts out of a small point at the top corner and fans out to the bottom corner.

It's a little underexposed in the shade so some of the details in the rocks are hidden, but a little adjustment in PS might bring those details out.

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