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I assume you're speaking of your camera's LCD? That's probably the least effective means available to verify your exposure. The histogram will give you a much better indication of exposure. You should try to expose your images so that as much information appears towards the right side of the histogram without blowing the highlights (indicated by spikes at the far right). You should also avoid spikes at the left end of the histogram, but it's much easier to get detail from the shadows in post processing -- you cannot regain lost data from blown highlights. Regarding your meter, meter off the palm of your hand in manual mode. The palm of the hand is typically one stop brighter than 18% neutral. That should give you a quick indication if your meter is somewhat close if you don't have an 18% card available. Remember that a reflective meter will always try to return a neutral tone image, so if you're in an auto metering mode, the meter will give you the exposure settings for a neutral scene -- perhaps not what you want when taking a picture of a white cat sitting on the white chair surrounded by white walls.
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Well, here goes
first, I like them all very much. They have a surreal paint-like look to them. The underexposure contributes to the subdued quietness of the scenes although they might benefit from some curves to raise a little detail in the shadows if possible. I especially like #1 The glimpse above the waterfall makes me want to see more but what I see really grabs me. I imagine this as a more vertical pano composition with the bottom of the fall just above the mid point.
#2 Very nice, My eye follows the rock up to the water and then off the page. It seems to me that a bit more water on the right side would lead the eye back into the picture.
#3 I suggest cropping the bottom third of this, seems too dark. I like the scene. There's a completeness here that is lacking in #2
#4 Not sure Not bad at all, just doesn't move me.
#5 My other favorite (besides #1) Simple subject yet it has the ability to hold one's interest.

JMHO, and I'm being picky.
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Old Oct 10, 2004, 9:22 PM   #13
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ok, i'll run some tests with the meter...spot...to REALLY make sure...

i've read all the stuff about meters, how snow is a couple stops brighter than the meter will read, how it meters to make the scene 18% grey...(why not 50% grey?)..

and all that...i've read multiple photography books...so i understand all that...

but i'm not really sure if wat i think is the meter is REALLY the meter...

it's listed in the manual as "exposure compensation"...but..it's manual mode, so you can't compensate for exposure...

so i figured that the number was how many stops i needed to go...

but it wasn't changing the night i was testing it..lol, so i just went by the LCD (not so smart lol) and the histogram (muuch smarter)

well, thanks again for your help henry, i really appreciate it

picnet...i could EASILY take 4000 pictures of new zealand! (LOTR was filmed there...but that's all i've seen of it..give me some streams and brooks with some rapids, and some waterfalls, and i'd take 5000 of those by themselves...probably not all "steves-worthy")

[EDIT] and, amateur, i'm glad you were being picky, if i could take a shot that will get you to like it WITH you being picky, i know i've accomplished something i appreciate all your honest answers
i agree about the 4th one (i think it's the fourth one...), the one that's closeup of the falls, doesn't excite me much...i couldn't find a very good angle on this one, that showed it's surroundings, without being too busy...and the water infront of it was DEEP lol

thanks for looking! i appreciate your honesty


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Old Oct 10, 2004, 9:26 PM   #14
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Like Henry, I think my favorite one is the leaf. Very nice color to the leaf, good exposure, and nice composition. My next favorite is the 1st waterfall. I think the exposure and composition are pretty good. The other waterfalls are nice, but not exceptionial(still better than I'd get though :-) ). I think your exposure on all the waterfalls, except the 1st, is a little under exposed as well. All in all, very nice job on all the pictures. I like the frame you choose for them; it makes the pictures classy.

Did you use an ND filter or just stop down your aperture to get the slower speeds? Where are the waterfall? ... not that I'd be able to visit them soon, but maybe one day. It looks like a nice place to hike. :-)
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Old Oct 10, 2004, 9:38 PM   #15
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thanks MDparker...

for this thread, i've had a problem i don't mind happening

i try to reply personally to each person replying...

and i'm having trouble keeping up

thanks for commenting! i'm glad you like the compositions

i forgot about the leaf picture when i was commenting about how i didn't really "love" these shots...i do like the leaf one..quite a lot...i'm glad you guysdo too

i just stopped to my lowest arperture...my camera now doesn't really accept filters...i could use them, if i used a conversion "lens" to move it infront of the lens...the lens doesn't have threads on it, probably because it has to retract into the body...

this waterfall is in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania...definetely a nice place to hike, once you get to the trail....they logged a lot on the "off-trail" part of my hike, so there was a bit of climbing over fallen trees and branches...

well worth it though

thanks for your comments

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Old Oct 11, 2004, 11:34 AM   #16
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Hey, Vito's back. Haven't seen/heard from you in a while.

I really like the single leaf the best. I think the falls shots are a little to dark and the colors seem a little dreary to me.

Nice shots though.

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Old Oct 11, 2004, 12:12 PM   #17
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thanks for your comments ryan!

i'm definetely glad i'm upgrading now if my LCD is fading on me...i need to get my monitor calibrated too..

they could both be off, and i'm completely messing up all my shots!

(well, i did print the picture i posted in stupid pet tricks of my new puppy, and it looked GREAT)


thanks again for your time and comments!

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Old Oct 11, 2004, 1:08 PM   #18
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Hi Vito;

Nice work on all shots! For me, the close up of the falls doesn't work as well. No particular reason; the other shots have a little more "grab" to them. Maybe a different shutter speed to stop the water... I don't know. I like it, I just don't love it.

Let me ask you... If you had one shot to put on a fall calendar, which would it be?


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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Old Oct 11, 2004, 1:19 PM   #19
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i'd say the leaf one...

the other ones seem to be missing something...and the first one seems too busy....

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Old Oct 11, 2004, 6:43 PM   #20
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Yes, I would go with the leaf also

Very nice exposed, composed and a nice juxtaposition of eternal granite and fleeting leaf...

An added nice touch is border with signature on the border.

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