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ecthelion Mar 28, 2004 3:00 PM

Winter Melting Away
Hey, I'm new to these forums. Took these pictures about two weeks ago in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.

* * * * *
Shutter Speed: 1/20 Seconds
ISO Rating: 200 Speed
F-stop: 8.0

* * * * *
Shutter Speed: 1/15 Seconds
ISO Rating: 200 Speed
F-stop: 8.0

* * * * *

Took these using the Fuji s5000z. I posted both of these because quite frankly, I'm unsure as to which one looks better. I'm hoping some of you can help me with that. =) I would have liked a few less objects in the foreground, but unfortunately that was near impossible in the way this little waterfall was set up.

Any comments on the pictures would be greatly appreciated.

costas Mar 29, 2004 5:38 AM

I think I prefer your first picture, the addional foreground gives the composition more depth and the ice on the front right helps lead the eye towards the little fall.

If it were mine, I would apply a bit of Unsharp Mask (but then I tend to oversharpen everything).

ecthelion Mar 29, 2004 7:06 PM

That's probably the one I would have leaned toward myself, but I did like the interesting ice formations in the left part of the frame in the second picture. Still, I see what you mean, and now that someone else has said it I tend to agree.

Thanks for the comment.

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