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This was taken looking east at around 10pm on a clear night in the Rockies. One of my favorite captures. There were millions and millions of stars out. The ambient light captured from cities to east was pretty overwhelming. Here it is:

The image is a little noisy, as I shot this in ISO 1600.

Comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated.
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All I can say is, thisis aawesome shot!

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As Bob said, this is a great shot! Stars look magnificent through the openings between the clouds...You could almostcapture the rotation of the earth if it was possible touse a little bitlonger exposure time than you did (30 sec!!) :-)

Noise is not a serious issue in this image (XT is a great choice, after all) If that's necessary, getting rid of the the present noise you mentioned is not difficult IMO. Here's a try:
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Wow - just amazing. Here on the East Coast it's almost impossible to find a location to star gaze without ambient light.

Hope you have your camera tuned up for the Leonid meteor shower on the 18th (at least that's when it is here in the East...) DOn't know enough about astronomy to know if it would be the same out west.
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I can only echo what the others have said, that's a brilliant shot: I've often wondered if this kind of shot would be possible - and you've proved that it is - well done!

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