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pj1974 wrote:

Indeed "a dead ringer"... true!

Yes, actually I had noticed (checked out your EXIF info) that your lens was at it's widest angle (of 24mm) on your 30D, and that let me realise you had gone as wide as you can (and your aperture was f16).

Did you choose f16 for any reason (as say, opposed to f11)? Is your lens slightly sharper at that fstop? Or was it for reasonsof depth of field? (I would've though f11 and 24mm would have given one enough dof to play with..? And some people say don't go over f11 unless you really have too.. What are your thoughts?

True,there is maybe a bit more colour in the undergrowth... but the snow looks almost identical.. .though maybe your snow is brighter (almost reaching "peak white / blown out highlights, but I think you've still done its exposure well!)

Must be a great spot to take photos .... and chat to others doing the same!



i tend to use higher f-stops for DOF reasons... probably a bit of a carryover from the old film cameras i've had... buti try to avoid going above f18-f20, even though my lenses will. usually, f11-f16 is the "sweet spot",andwhen shooting a subject that encompasses so much distance, and trying to keep as much of it sharp as possible, i tend to use the smaller apertures to maximize DOF. you're right, the snow is a bit brighter than i like... but if i'd metered on that, the foreground reflection, and the shadow areas would've been too dark. ahhh, compromise... don't ya just love it??maybe one day when i master Photoshop a little better, i'll figure a way to compensate for that sort of thing. for now, though, i tend to do as little PP as possible... this shot had only resizing, sharpening, and a touch of brightness adjustment done.

i've seen some pics of this scene where the photographer had really gone over the top with saturation, contrast, etc... usually winds up looking over-processed or artificial. i don't do that. i want my photos to reflect (pardon the pun) as closely as possible the scene i saw... after all, that's why i took the photo, because i liked what i saw!

anyway, it IS a wonderful spot to photograph, and as i mentioned, on nice weekends in summer, it's a very busy place... LOTS of folks up there with tripods and cameras of all kinds...
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Hey Rocky,
Congratulations. I knew this photo, or rather this location on that particular day was a photo contest winner. I see it's a slightly different crop or angle with just a touch of ripple, but at any rate it's a terrific looking shot. I'm happy for your great string of successes lately.
Nicely done,

If the rest of you don't know what I am refering too, check out tomorrows's DPOTD here on Steve's.
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Well Rocky, you have done it again. Good for you!!!! Donna
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thanks, Donna... i just dropped off two more 20x30 prints to the gallery that sold this one a couple of weeks ago. the owner pulled 'em out of the tube, and immediately startedlooking at different mat and frame combinations for 'em... with any luck, those will sell in short order too! between this shot and the bubble, things have definitely taken a turn for the better! :G
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