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for many of us, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, a day we (supposedly) gave thanks for the blessings of life. for too many, it's become little more than a day to watch football, pig out on turkey and dressing, and maybe contemplate what sales we'll try to take advantage of the next day. we forget thatthere are many in this world far worse off than any of us,and many of thosehere in our own country. it's a shame that in the greatest, wealthiest nation on earth, so many of our fellow Americans go hungry, or lack proper shelter or medical care... but they do.

i spent a week in central Idaho last summer, relaxing and getting away from the urban rat race of life in the Seattle area. while there, i saw this... hut?... alongside an old dirt road. someone lives here... i don't know who or why, but i can't imagine what it would be like to live, literally, in a hole in the side of a hill with nothing but a few shabby boards and some junk between you and the elements. it gets cold here in winter, well below zero at night, and there's lots of snow. can you imagine what it would be like to live in this place in the middle of January?? the nearest town is miles away... there's no electricity, no phone... what if you got sick, or hurt?

so... i don't know about anyone else, but i am VERY thankful for the blessings i've been given - a safe, warm place to live, plenty of good food for my family, and a job that earns me enough money to pay for the things i need (and even a few things i don't!). and whenever i start feeling sorry for myself, or thinking i don't have enough, i look at this photo... and i am reminded that there are many to whom my modest, sort of middle-class lifestyle is merely a distant dream - or perhaps a faded memory. kinda keeps things in perspective... like the old saying goes, "i used to complain because i had no shoes - until i met a man who had no feet..."

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It's heartbreaking to come to grips with how unevenly wealth is distributed in our country. I would pay twice the taxes I do if things could be made better for folks who have so little, when I, by comparison, have so much.

Thank you for reminding us of our wealth and hopefully inspiring us all to try to share more of what we have in abundance, whatever that may be.

You've posted a wonderful photo and wonderful words too. Thank you.
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Yes, sort of puts things into proper perspective regarding Thanksgiving. For too many, its simply the day before the mad rush to the shopping malls.

Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks Squirl for reminding us to count our blessings...I try to be mindful of the true riches in life. After an illness last year, I no longer take my health for granted and have come to realize how precious life is.

Some of us do enjoy an abundance in this country that is unmatched anywhere in history. Donna
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Very nicely put, and illustrated squirl, couldn't agree more.

Cheers, John.
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