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Took a few minutes during lunch today to walk through a local park. Temperatures are going to climb tomorrow, so I figured this may be the last of the snow and ice until next year.

C& C welcome.

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Hey lapstrake, I think you have got the exposure spot on with this shot, however i think you need to work a little more on the composition.

Firsty your horizon doesn't seem straight, this is easily sorted in PS though.

Secondly i think you need to be a little bit more selective as to what you include in your shot. In this case the red object, which looks like litter is hugely distracting and is the first thing that my eyes rest upon. I would have also been inclined to shoot a little bit more to the right, thus avoiding the patch of mud on the left river bank, and i would have also tried to include all of the rock at the bottom of the shot for some foreground interest.

Aside from all that i think you have found a great little location and if the snow hasn't already melted i would deff have another crack at it!

Regards, Matt
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Thanks Matt!

I really appreciate your constructive comments.

I have to say, the litter was the first thing my wife noticed too! I guess I was just looking at other things in the shot (I'm unable to see some shades of red so it just passed right by me!)

The horizon is almost spot-on, it's just a wierd spot where the hills converge. The icicles on the right bank are hanging vertical, so at least I think that means the horizon would be straight. But, I see your point, sometimes the perception of straight is more important than actually being straight.

I managed to remove the red cup in the middle of the stream, but can't add snow to the mud!!

How's this attempt - realizing I should have repositioned to the right and back a bit?

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So another image taken with D40! Very nice capture indeed. And you successfully applied Matt'ssuggestion supporting your wife'sWell, the overall image looked a bit blue biased to me, which is negligible course,however could easily be fixed at the PS.adding more punch and dimension to the image, IMO.

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Great shot.....glad you took the red out. I played around in PSE 5 with the blue and added a warming filter to it, but then backed out and converted it to BW. I didn't post it, but thought it looked grand in BW because of all of the contrasty dark and light color tones.

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