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I feel this is the best photo I have taken in my nature travels at this time. It may not technically be the best, but there is an emotional factor involved. This is one of the top three favorite places I know of in all the world. This little section right here. It is filled with an amazing variety of northern Rocky Mountain Wildlife. Dark, verdant forests from the mountains slope down to meet pastoral aspen, birch, cottonwood and meadow where the high prarie begins. In this valley, white tail deer mingle with mule deer and moose. Elk browse the slopes while mountain goats and bighorn sheep live on the cliffs above it all in the million acre wilderness without a single road. Various rare raptors like goshawk inhabit the old growth forests. Bald eagles and osprey thrive along the river. Wolverine ply the apline areas while foxes work the meadows for the wild turkey and grouse. It's a land of plenty, of variety and of beauty. And it's on fire. This spot may all be burned in a few days, gone for a hundred years.

Who knows what will happen to this momma moose and her calf. I hope they can survive. As soon as she saw me hiding behind a tree perched on a cliff looking down, she took her calf and disappeared into the pine filled hillside, walking up it until she disappeared out on the other side, which is all meadow before the big mountain, the dark forest and the wilderness. I watched them go, and I hoped I would be back next year to see them enjoying the river once again. As I got up to leave, a massive shadow came over me, then swooped down the river. It was too fast for me to get a good shot. A giant bald eagle. In the low light of the valley, all I could get was a blurry sweep as the eagle headed away, towards the prarie and away from the forest, away from the coming fires.

Last year, 20,000 acres of flame approached this valley at the tops of the mountains to the west. As soon as the 100 foot high wall of flame crested the mountains and were about to head down, an 80 MPH backwind slammed up into the mountains from this very valley, stopping the flames dead in their tracks and pushing the fire back in on itself, sparing this valley for at least one season.

Maybe this eagle was going to get those same winds to help again.
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Yes, it´s time for action, civil disobedience and other measures

Too close to a moose with a calf is not recommended. You don´t stand a chance in the forest unless you can jump up a tree or similar

Yes, photograpy is thoughts, is emotions, is ...


A moose that I and my tracking dog met the other day - not a very good picture but I won´t forget the object
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