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Great trio withthe last one hitting the nail on the head:!:Sofascinating a colour rendition and moving composition with the ghost-like images of stakes at thedreamy background...Well done, my friend
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Thanks Steve, Bahadir.

Yes Bahadir, I thought the same when I saw the pilings in the misty background. Quite a lucky shot really to have all the components of light in my favor.

Steve, I did some processing on these for sure. Shot in RAW, so I could get the white balance just so, an increase in saturation, and an action in ps that applies contrast and sharpening. Makes it quite vivid. If you want, I'll send you the forumula which I got from another unnamed forum. Quite a handy tool really...cheers..Don
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Thanks Don, I sent you a PM.
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Beautiful, reminds me of my home brewing days and holding a glass

of golden lager up to the light to see how clear it was.....................musket
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Thanks Musket, I knew there was something familiar about the look of these pics. I used to make my own beer too.
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