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bhammitt wrote:
This beautiful place looks like a great spot to unwind!

Oh, dear Bob, believe me, if I my budgethad afforded to buy a stone house there overlooking the bay, I'd hardly have returned, at leastfor a year:-)
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this looks like a Gorgeous Area to go on a family holiday.... or "retreat" to! Thanks for sharing the photos, you've done a good job with the exposure in varying and challenging harsh light conditions!

Interesting perspectives of that area. I'm guessing... but is that blue man-made object in photo 1 extending into the sea a floating type of jetty / fishing / swimming platform? I don't ever recall seeing something like that before...

I love your 2nd photo... looks like your daughter (or son..) is having fun in the water and sun, but for some reason it feels a bit "square"... I mean, I sort of wonder what might be to the RIGHT a bit more (did you crop this photo?)

The third one (as you mentioned, a stitchwork panorama) is great. I'd love to see a full resolution version one time, it's an interesting master piece, e.g. the windy road visible way in the distance nearer the sea, etc. (Just be careful, there appears some white on the extreme borders)

Again, appreciate your photos. If I ever get to Turkey... you know... you will have so much advice what to do and see, where to go, etc..! not to mention all local the good seafood and wine!!


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Old Sep 22, 2007, 1:52 PM   #13
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Very nice shots, i bet you unwinded and forgot all about work and stress, i know i do. You my friend have fish and wine and i have Octopus and ouzo
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Old Sep 22, 2007, 3:07 PM   #14
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Lovely photos Bahadir. Looks like a great place for a holiday...Really like the first photo...cheers..Don
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Old Sep 23, 2007, 11:52 PM   #15
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Beautiful shots, Bahadir. I keep seeing tantalizing hints of the geology, but no details.

The rocks themselves have great stories to tell, things much older than ephemeral species like us.

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Old Sep 24, 2007, 3:19 AM   #16
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Beautiful shots and well exposed in what would appear to be difficult lighting conditions. You really have captured the tranquility and beauty of the area! Great stuff!!

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What a nice place for a holiday.........good shots and scenes................musket
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bahadir wrote:
Andrew Waters wrote:

Still at it aren't you Bahadir.
Most fortunately, my friend :-)Happy to hearfrom you!

.................................................. .........................................

cmoy wrote:
NICE shots Bahadir!
Thank you Chris!The first and third pics. are actually stitchworks from my good old powershot S70 : )

Btw, since I know you like travelling a lot;guess I might see you around someday

More of your fabulous stitch work! We would love to visit Turkey one day :-) You can teach me stitching :-)
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Oh gosh Bahadir, I bet you had a really bad time there, all that fish and wine, must have been awful :G

Great picture too,

Regards, John.
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Great set bahadir...fish and wine and warm sea...must have bin great.

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