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Very nice - although I would suggest you use photoshop or something to edit out that person in the first shot - just a little bit distracting from an otherwise great shot.
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Beautiful scenes, great colour,well captured............musket
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Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback!

Bahadir, the green did stand out, but it took quite a bit of Photoshop manipulation to really get the colors to pop. Even though the scenery is very interesting, even after tweaking the white balance and contrast in Adobe Camera Raw many of them were still very flat and lifeless. Perhaps some time next week I'll post about all the tricks I used to bring them to life.

Monza, I agree about the vertical shots. I'm not sure why I like them so much. The majority of my favorites from the summer were vertical shots:

Perhaps it's because, in my view, photography is about capturing a small slice of reality and there's just something appropriate about doing it this way. Or maybe it's just because 95% of all the different media we view is in landscape format and it's nice to see something a little different. Or sometimes it's just the best way to get all the interesting stuff in the frame.

Mtngal, I'll meet you there!

PJ1974, thanks for the compliments. As I mentioned the sky was very hazy and white, so even if I underexposed that one shot by 5 or 6 stops, all I could have done was make it light gray. I'm hoping the next time I go I can get there with a clear blue sky and the sun overhead.

Oh, and as far as the "story" goes, that first paragraph I typed pretty much sums it up. I actually had a 3 paragraph story written when I began the post, then just filtered out the whining and boring stuff and all that was left was a single sentence.

Bigfootepete, thanks for the comment. I agree that the people don't really help the image, but as I mentioned I intentionally left the people in to help give a sense of scale. I'll probably remove them all before having prints done. And as much as I wanted to present the images in their best light, I also thought it only fair to give a more accurate idea of what you'd be seeing if you actually go there. I'm guessing a few people might decide to visit based on these images (similar to what made me want to go), and I don't want to give any false impressions that you'd have the place to yourself.

For people possibly interested in visiting Watkins Glen, type this into Google Maps: Corning St/RT-14/RT-414 @42.375850, -76.870930

There are a bunch of ways to get there, but from Buffalo the easiest is to just take I-90, get off at exit 42 and take Route 14. Once you get into Watkins Glen just look for the sign for the park on the right side. Besides the park, there's also the Nascar race track, a bunch of wineries, and what I plan on visiting next time I go is the Corning Glass Museum which I hear is supposed to be quite impressive.

Thanks again everyone! I'm going to try and have the rest of the images up by tomorrow. Part of what's taking so long is my favorite part of the park is yet to come, which also happened to be the most difficult to capture and for which I have the most photos to sort through.
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