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Alan T wrote:
Torgny wrote:
Another set of amazing images, Alan, bringing me back some hundred years. Bruegel, medieval musik....ever new impressions of rural living extending over many generations...
This is my favourite, a little try to hide the results of air pollution
Thanks very much, Torgny. The mediaeval music is spot on, here in this house, as you can see at http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=85. The rest of the family are wide-ranging skilled musicians, and I'm a bad amateur (back of orchestra) violinist, occasionally pressed into service as an imitation mediaeval instrument when someone is missing.

See http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=85for an image with three replica mediaeval instruments.

Most of the village isn't that old, but there is a large 17th century Elizabethan Hall 300m away. Its half-timbered lodge is visible on the skyline of that last shot, next to a red roof on the near wooded skyline. We arrived here only in 1982, but for a while there were four generations of my wife's family within 100m right here, and the older ones are now in the churchyard next door, so we're making a start on your timescales.

If 'air pollution' refers to the hazy distant hills, that's fairly ordinary after a misty morning about 30km from the sea, and not easily removable, I thought. Sometimes with the right lighting & weather the views are crystal clear here, even with generally quite slight ordinary local pollution. Our prevailing winds come across the Irish Sea and empty mid and north Wales.

If you're referring to the haziness over the village, it's partly the same thing in the valley, and partly muddiness due to underexposure to avoid several painfully blown white houses with only 0.3 stop more. I have the same frame with more exposure that is less muddy, and I should probably subdue the houses individually using that frame. I tried a lot of twiddling on this one, but didn't do as well as your excellent amendment.You mentioned USM in your pm, for which I hadn't quite finished a reply. I thought that was for sharpening? I use it every day! How can that remove haze?

I'm here to learn!
Me too. I´ve already learned a lot. Never ending. USM max radius (250) and amount from 5 and up. Test it. I learned it here. He called it defoging. There are some Photoshop masters around

Works very well for me. Thanks for your extensive text. Also like your use of the English language. Learning that too

These pictures are really great. Fun that I hit the nail on the medieval music. I almost heard it when i first saw the pictures. Thank you. I can check if there is something new the first week in June anyhow


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Great shots and scenes
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Torgny wrote:
....USM max radius (250) and amount from 5 and up. Test it. I learned it here. He called it defoging. ...
Thanks for the hints, Torgny. I'm still trying mentally to visualisehow it works at such a huge radius (max '100' in Paint Shop Pro 7). It seems, as you say,to enhance clarity by raising apparent contrast a little without excessive edge sharpening.

I've used it successfully on some distant (25km)shotsof the Isle of Skye, posted at...


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