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shame the light was flat.

they are both good images, the tree and small pond one is the best, id go back on a brighter day with better light and reshoot from differnt angles trying to make the most out of the way the tree leans out across the water, and chop down the greenery thats on the right

the second shot needs a sky to make it a real winner, not just a blue sky but maybe a blue sky with white fluffy clouds?

they deffinatly show potential though......both of them..well done

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Hi Ronny,

Congratulations with your wide angle lens - the Sigma 10-20mm. I have the same lens and love it for the wonderful perspective it can give.

I love both these photos. As others have said, the tree lines leads the eye into photo 1 very well. Also photo 2 is a good perspective.

I'd also love to see some more from you... really we are all a fairly nice bunch ... actually make that VERY nice bunch of people here on this forum!! (ahem... cough cough!)

Seriously, it's great to have photos from various landscapes of this amazing globe.

When I saw your photo 2, I thought that was the same building I had been to in Antwerp about 2 years ago... but upon closer inspection of my photo (a copy posted below)... it's a different building, but also set in a park with a pond / lake around it. My photo is not a wide angle... taken with my Fuji F601 point and shoot.

thanks for sharing

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Darn - I'm running seriously behind.
Thanks Spy

am going to use your description on flickr, couldn't have said it better.

Thanks jeephotog

Thanks smac

Thanks Calicajun

I've been just lucky and rather good at googling how to use it

Thanks musket

Thanks (again :G ) bahadir

Thanks Reanimator,

hope to have better light tomorrow, but only a small hope.

Thanks pj1974

thats a castle in the "nachtegalenpark" nightingale park. Hope you walked till the end of that pond. They have a huge David (Michael Angelo) on the back op the park.

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