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Trying to imagine how a salesman would have tried to sell the latest and greatest wagon to ever hit the dusty trails. Just as people today flock to a car show, the town folk back in the late 1800's also came anticipating what the newest bells and whistles would have been installed on such a work of awww and wonder.

The raw horse power of chrome and shine under the hood today looked more like tall gangly legged snort'n, farting poo plopping beasts standing proud next to the wagons. Every man would spend most their days dreaming of owning such power and now that the wagon show is finally here, all they have to do is convince the wife they really, REALLY need it!

The wife, instead of being on the same page as the husband would protest quietly reminding him of the leaky roof, worn and tattered clothing on the kids and,... now kicking the ground and protesting a little louder would tell him that she hasn't had a new dress in years....

She may have won that day and they either walked home or the whole family jumped on top the tired old horse but the dream will stay true in his heart like a flickering flame on a candle and he knew one day the show would be back........

20d, 17-85mm, ISO 100
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But he will never give in, will he?What about a new dress or a hat (alleged to be) from Paris at Mc Gregor's store for the wife first we're familiar with from old Westerns : )

I really liked the dreamy effect you appilied here as well as the 'introductory' piece of creative writingIMO, you might also apply casualslight grey shadeson the white part of the sky preventing itfrom being somewhatdistracting.

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