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bahadir wrote:

Torgny wrote:

Wonder how the painters of old used their eyes, before the photo age. This scenery is "seen" by a Canon Digic ll image processor with algorithms based upon millions of photos. A photographic tool by the photographers themselves

Good point to consider...Watching a skilled painter has always fascinated me!

As you know, training was often set on apprenticeship through which the young would use his eyes and mind best to learn how to make the required 'patterns'convincingly observinghis master, and then occasionally finishing the relatively unimportant parts on behalf ofhim. Difficult though!One cannot take the brush, dip it into the paint and startto paint a body of water, etc. It requires painting a coloured background layer first!Ah, I remembermy childhoodwhen I helpedmy uncle make hisoilpaints from ground pigment and linseed or poppy seed oil for a start!(Of course thesepatterns could change from time to time when some paintersthought it necessary to apply anew understandingof natural laws to their art in the light of their keen observations)

I'd too prefer relatively slower shutter speeds with'how slow'changing according to the intended impact in the composition...I liked watching the 'flowing water' variationsabove and triedappling themto your composion #4 in my mind!
Thank you, bahadir, for your reply to the underlying subject as well as the interesting biographical data from your childhood. I'm sure your eyes were as keen then as they are now and that you benefited from your uncle's friendship

Picture 4. Actually I have a slow shutter version of that scenery. Tried many different settings


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I still remember my first set of Staedtler coloured pencilsincluding 24 pieces he gave me when I was 5...I often drewRoman soldiers marchingor fighting then : )He still makes his living on paintingandspeaks like a Renaissance artist!

As for the slow shutter version of #4, I can safely say I liked this one best! Very crisp image with pleasing composition, and water keeps on flowing magically in front of my eyes...
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I really enjoyed these series Torgny, i also liked the use of your shutter speeds nice work
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truly amazing tallent

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