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Bynx wrote:
...Meanwhile keep on doing what youre doing. Youre doing it well...
Yes, Eddie! And you know what's good, as well as anyone does round here.
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Okay.....one more since I jumped in earlier. I so enjoy everyone's feedback good, bad or ugly (just go easy on the ugly). I learn from such critiques. Eddie you are doing great. Sorry if I kept the fire going with Bynx and Alan.....each are good photographers as well and we can all learn new thingswith constructive comments.

Everyone take a BIG DEEP BREATH and have fun out there :|

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Hi Eddie, it's not often you get the right conditions for these kind of shots. I love #2 it is outstanding in my opinion! I would feel the same way about #1 except there is just something about the light through the branches that is distracting (purple fringing??). Great work, keep them coming!

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Old Feb 1, 2009, 6:57 PM   #14
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Bynx wrote:
...if you want comments, I guess you should be expected to give some as well. You say you have nothing to offer. I strongly disagree with that...
I think that's a simple butimportant aspect of the social media whose unique distinction is interactiveness! I should also point out the usefulness of taking one's time to say, at least, a 'thank you' to those who kindly sent their feedbacks

Actually, whatever may or may not be the reason for the recession for the past few months, it'sbeen the worst as far as I noticed since the start of 2006 when I became a member. This, even made me consider ifthe global economic crisis has sth. to do with it!! Well on my part I was too busy with the end of the term assignments as well assome domesticdiscussing boardsthanks to the approacing municipal elections,about which the political party in power is pressing hard to conquer my city: Izmir!

Anyway, coming back toyour series:yet again, especially the first three; )

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Old Feb 2, 2009, 1:52 PM   #15
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Nice shots Eddie i also like the first 3 so keep them coming, and don't worry on who comments, that would be the last thing that would bug me
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I, too, think these shots are nice, but the first three would have been even better if you had fired a flash so that the trees on the left would have had a little detail in them. Otherwise, you could crop most of the black on the left.
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Old Feb 3, 2009, 8:27 AM   #17
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I like the first 3 but more so #2. I take it the rays are caused by either a nearby fire or perhaps fog in the area? For me, I am not a fan of mid day...ish harsh sunlight, high contrast lighting unless it works or adds to the photo your taking as the camera just doesn't "see" this high contrast the same way we view it with our eyes.

Though I like your first 3, you caught them almost to late but you did get them in the nick of time. Anytime a photo is taken where highlights can easily be viewed as "blown" is either - 1) a slight camera adjustment towards over exposure, or 2) the sun is too high in the sky.

These types of shots are spectacular if everything like camera adjustments, timing, and fog are anticipated early enough like knowing the night before that this is how it's going to be in the early morning. I will often get up and set out to take early morning shots at 4am so I am where I need to be when the sun makes it's presence at 8am or so. Most times though no one can know how it's going to be, just being where you need to be early enough is all you need to do, nature will be there to meet you.

The same principles apply for late evening but usually fog isn't present at this time so you'd be trying for some other look at this time.

Eddie, there may be a lot of reasons as to why people don't add their input into someone's posted shots. Maybe most people are just wanting to fill their time 'cause their bored or their eyes are needing to be fed by beauty or maybe their looking for that ONE spectacular shot in the whole bunch. I think in every case, for someone to post a thought toward a photo they have to have something to say or least feel their thought is important enough to extend it.

We all are guilty to some degree of looking and not posting something. We all have been conditioned this way by how we 'turn off' when flipping through a newspaper or magazine. We view tons of images in our day and we get into being 'quick scanners' or desensitized to what we see.

The only thing that matters when you post your shots of the day or your favourite one for the week is that it's a great shot to you and you want others to see it. Know what your photos mean to you and don't let the possibility that you may post a shot and no one may reply stop you from sharing your best efforts. Non replies don't mean anything.

People enjoy your shots by the fact that your shot may attract hundreds of hits.

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