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#2, #3 and #4 are my favs. Well done. Great use of night time light.

I agree with Bynx's comment - it looks so clean (not just lack of noise in photos, but no rubbish feeling to a typical 'big city' night scene).

Thanks for sharing.... I must try more night time sometime soon again... have been to busy doing other things (e.g. meetings, socialising) in the evenings lately...

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According to "The Tipping Point" book (Malcolm Gladwell, 2000), the "tipping point" for New York from having high crime rates in the 1980s to becoming the safest large city in the US happened around the time of Bernard Goetz, the vigilante who shot 4 teenagers that tried to mug him in the subway. New York City then applied "the broken window" theory where if you (or me) see a broken window, you are drawn to throwing rocks into it and to adjacent unbroken windows, too. By clamping down on farebeaters, ejecting misbehaving commuters, arresting those who peed in public, ridding subway trains of graffiti as soon as they were painted, etc., the place looked so clean no one was tempted to "throw rocks" into any "broken windows" anymore.

Thanks, pj1974!

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