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WOW! Thanks for all your kind words, Walter, Bynx, Ordo, vvcarpio, spy, maggo, Alasdair , gjtoth and Torgny. It never occured to me that this would be recieved with the amount of acceptance it got.
And for that I am very grateful. Unfortunately I took these pictures during this summer, when I wasn't at all that passionate in photography. This was just me borrowing my brothers' D60.
Here you go my friend. I hope you don't mind the edit. What an amazing looking place. I could only hope one day of visiting the other side of the world, stopping here for a moment.
No, I do not mind at all. It's great you managaed to make such a great horizon out of my crappy one, hehe.
Hunnebostrand, isn't this just at the northern end of Sotekanalen?
You are right on the nose. Sotekanalen leaps from Hunnebostrand to Kungshamn, separating the main shore and Ramsvik. Ramsvik is mostly a nature's preserve.
I'll be sure to get myself out there this summer and take pictures, not only for you but also for myself. I live so close and still I am not a frequent visitor.
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