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Originally Posted by Ordo View Post
Sure, the first pick is extraordinary. Location, light, composition, pp, etc. all works amazingly.
I appreciate you short, down to earth, but always very precise comments, Ordo!
Thank you for this one...
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Originally Posted by Torgny View Post
- There is not a single "true face of snow", of course, since snow can take any colour.
- ....down to the boat (lucky you)

- The light helps here...
Hello Torgny!
As always there is an intelectual 'touch' to your comments, and your way of looking at pictures, as well. My intention was far from following intellectual lines in this series, rather the opposite - just depicting snow, as snow should look like (or we want it to be...?).

- When I said I wanted to picture the look and feel of snow, I ment really to depict snow as something white, unaffected by colors - which is what I think is very, very difficult! I have tons of snowpictures, most of them taken in the early hours of day, or in the evening. But all these snow-scapes are so colorful and the snow usually shows up very blue (if it is lighted by the evening sky for instance) or pinkish red / magenta, when touched by the low sun, or even a strong sulfur-like yellow, early in the morning.

But I wanted it WHITE as white can be - this was my aim.

- Concerning my boat and 'lucky me' - it has not much to do being lucky, as I bought this boat (it was 35 years old and run-down when I bought it) for a very low sum of money and tore everything above the gunwhale out, to start rebuilding it. It took me the better part of 2 1/2 years to do that. But I certainly feel lucky to live on the coast and to be able to use it whenever the weather permits.

- About the light helping here. It is always the light that fascinates me in shots like this. There is this undescribable light coming fom the sun, early in the day. But no direct sunlight was actually touching the scene, as the dense haze in the sky kept filtering the rays into this immense glow. I was almost mersmerized by it and shot some 300 exposures in this special light. (!!)

Name:  P0_02_19_0016_WEB.jpg
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This special light came from the filter-effect of the haze.

Name:  P0_02_19_0109_WEB.jpg
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About 10 minutes befor the harbour-picture, it was still snowing...

Have a nice sunday!

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Yes, you really did capture snow at it's whitest. Great. And it's not easy. Tried it myself, but not really making it, like in your pictures. Here you really can use the expression "White as snow", "Clean as snow", "Pure as snow", even "Innocent as snow"

Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures, Walter


"Every man", he says thoughtfully, "should pull a boat over a mountain once in his life". And then, once again, he laughs at himself. (About Werner Herzog) TTL Photography (True To Life Pictures) My Zenfolio Photo site is at http://torgnydellsen.zenfolio.com/

The pictures are optimized for slideshows. The slideshow button is at the upper right. Please use your loudspeakers. There is some music, progressive music from the seventies in the different galleries.

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I don't know why but the word "precise" came to my mind when I saw your first pic. I think "precise" is hardly a word to use for art. Whatever the case, I think it's breathtakingly precise .
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As the others say, #1 is absolutely stunning... but I love all the others as well, you did a fantastic job captering the snow... white as it is! Maybe you can tell me something about your settings?
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Hi Walter! Photo #1 is really great! Your capture of "snow" is perfect, in my eyes. The colour and texture is just perfect likeness to snow... not everyone gets it right, but you have in this and many other photos.

Photo #4, for some reason, this really catches my interest. I love the "green" from the tree on the left... then you have beautiful white snow... love brown from the cabin and the tree int he background... Walter, this is just a kind question, but what do you think if there was just a hair more space above the roof? Also, I just wonder what another picture would be like if you could have moved to the left and thus the powerlines were not in sight... just wondering, not criticism... but what I like is your use of framing trees in the picture... the beautiful green one on the left... the one on the right... With the path... it is just a gorgeous shot, another good use of colour and good composition. Thanks for sharing these wonderful four.

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As a Canadian, I can appreciate shooting snow and trying to get the desired effect. I LOVE....did I say "LOVE"....'cause I did absolutely love the first shot. The pop of colours and the sharpness of the photo are terrific. I'd hang it up without a doubt.
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Nice Walter. I've never tried to photograph snow, but it seems that you've got it right.
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#1 especially, no less than a feast for the eye...with all the fine gradual shadings enhancing the view, such is the intruduction of the third dimension there in your photograph, it almost announces the next step in photography...Congrats my friend, congrats for your good taste (hinting of your painting background) and for your great use of hdr in recreating your impression. I'd only slightly desaturate three little reddist items two on the left, and one on the right of the photo, which might be somewhat distracting.
Actually I only sat in front of the computer for an important presentation tomorrow, but just for a while, sth. made me open Steve's to see these beauties! Oh, I suppose I would crack if I just went away without dropping a line
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