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Originally Posted by spy View Post
LOL Mark, I had a huge 10'x16' print half way to you until I read your post. Flying it there by remote control was one of my better ideas so I was able to turn it around. I think it ditched somewhere between Hawaii and here. Oh well......

Thanks for the comments guys. Getting the two of you having a tug of war is interesting!

Mark, I hope you've been scouting the Egyptian landscape for some killer photo opps!

Gutted, that would have worked out well LOL.

I really can't find anything great here to shoot, hopefully will find some good scenery at some point out of the city but not had a chance yet as we are probably talking 4 hours driving and still no car.
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1 word, Compelling. Very nice composition. A side note that has nothing to do with the beauty of this shot - (Something that popped out to me for some reason I have no idea however if you look at the hill, and the two shadow areas on the hill, if you look at the photo sideways it actually looks like the top of the trademarked yellow smiley face with the vertical eyes). Yes I know where did that come from I don't know but I see it in there =). google "smiley face" and you will see exactly what I'm talking about hehe.
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I find this photo conveys a truly magical mood and a very calm athmosphere.

IMO the dark patch in the forground is a bit to heavy and the horses downhill-position and facing the frame of the photo is not the best. If the animal woud have been facing uphill, I think the impression would have been more pleasing.

But then there are a lot if if's in this world...

Another point IMO is that the tone of the picture does not underline the magic mood as much as it should. For my liking this is too cold a mono. Would be nice to see this with a warmer sepia-toned B&W. Just thinking out loud really, as I am a complete B&W-novice.

Just my meager 2 cents.

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Kevin... first of all the composition is amazing, very nice placement of the horse and the trees behind... fantastic! But the most important thing is the mood... and this shot conveys a really magical, fantasy-like mood... just great, I love that shot
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