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Default Sunrise at Virginia Beach

We took pictures at Virginia Beach.

We tried to make it by sunrise at Sandbridge Beach -- well-known for being a quiet beach with its vacation homes instead of multistory hotels -- but arrived ten minutes late and so we only caught a glimpse of the orange orb of the sun just above the horizon. By the time we got out of the parking lot and walked towards the beach, the sun had gone hiding behind the clouds.

Still, it was a picture of serenity. We hardly found signs of human presence in the nearly empty beach -- either the people who went there kept it pristine or Nature is self-cleaning during the pre-dawn hours. We were joined only by young couples here and there and later a group of about ten young college kids who straddled in somewhat groggily. It was refreshing to see the youth get up so early in the morning, in itself a sight to see as is one of Nature's more majestic displays, that of the sun rising from the sea.







Thank you for looking. C&C welcome.
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Yeah I like the virginia beach area, even though it is a navy town

It is not that far form NYC. 6 hour drive.

I really like number 1 and 2 with the clouds. In 1 the sun is nicely place right ontop of the cloud.
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You did much better than I did when I tried it from that area. My one attempt, 35 years ago, resulted in only much loss of sleep because it was fully overcast that morning and all day for that matter. Probably wouldn't have looked as good as yours anyway as sunsets fit my rhythms better.

A. C.
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Thanks, shoturtle and ac.smith.

Sorry about your loss of sleep ac.smith . If it's any consolation, we missed the magnificent ("magnificent" is an understatement -- you should have seen it) sunrise by a hair. If we had gotten up 5 minutes earlier I would have posted of a giant orange globe just above the horizon.

So the following morning I got up early again to re-shoot. But as soon as I stepped outside the door, rain was pouring.

Ah well, at least I have something to look forward to -- shooting sunrise by the sea. Can't have all the fun done in a short span of time or there'd be none left to shoot in future trips.


#8) I followed Ordo's advice and got a polarizer.






C&C welcome. Thank you for looking!
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