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Default Shall we gather....

Take your pick of churches. Two abandoned churches sit as memories of distant past in the ghost town of Dorothy, Alberta, ....2.5 hours east, northeast of Calgary (more east than north). About 6 people still live in the deserted town. Lots of photo opps here if you ever travel through the Alberta badlands.

Venus also shines very bright through some high hazy cloud cover causing it's size to look bigger than it really is.

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Like a set for a Hitchcock film. Spooky, but nice.
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Nice one Kevin!

I like how there is that different perspective between the churches (one closer, the other more distant - with space between them).

Also, the different colours of the buildings too. Highlights the plurality of this scene.

Are you saying that white blob above the church to the right (background church) is Venus? I would have thought that is the moon? (or am I missing a smaller light - that's Venus).

Also - is that 'straight line' an aircraft or a meteorite?

I like the shadow of the tree on the facing side of the nearer church... sort of seems to be 'counter logic' (against the light) -however I feel this also adds to the 'spooky' effect.

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Thanks Walter and Paul for those words. Paul, the "moon" image is Venus. It looks like the moon because there is high cloud/haze that is causing the light from it to reflect bigger than it is and the 30 second exposure just records that haze as a large ball of light looking like the moon and lastly, the straight line is a meterorite.

This location is one of my favourite places to come. There is so much here and I really need to come during the day to see all the other buildings and boarded up stores and shops that was once busy.
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Another great shot
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