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The glowing tent in the snow is a fantastic shot!

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Thanks again for all the comments. Here are a few more from the trip.
This one I took with my 18-55mm. I don't have a lot of experience with close-ups, but I really liked these snow/ice crystals. I wish I knew better how to help the photo.
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The trees on this hillside were all leaning the same way (actually into the wind) because the snow and ice had built up about 1 foot thick on the windy side of them. It was cool to see.
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This was just another shot I really liked from the trip.
About 15 minutes after I took this shot I decided to leave my camera in the truck and do a little hunting on foot. It was a mistake to leave it. I got high on a hillside and got a great view of a really pretty homestead in a little brown tinted valley just below a large ribbon of tamarack trees (larch) in fall yellow, just below another ribbon of green pines under the snow covered pines and high mountain rocky peaks all in the direct setting sunlight. It was amazing. I am learning that I need to drag my camera everywhere. At this point, its just a memory!
I hope you enjoy these.
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Lovely hunting camp photos, Soupcreek.

I particularly like the 'camp / tent' compositions, and the mixed colours of the sky/clouds (daytime ones, including the last photo). Wow, what a difference the snow in a short makes!

It brings back memories of cold and snow in Romania when I lived there... .brrrr. (I'm not a cold weather fan!)

About the macro, my experience / thought is that in general you EITHER want to focus on one small detail/thing and blur the background (thus you'd probably need to open your lens quite wide), OR to have more in focus. I think your 'snow / ice crystals photo' is half way between these (sort of 'awkward amount of depth of field, though others may have a different take on this).

Cheers & thanks for sharing your season! It's getting warmer here! Ah, I'm looking forward to summer.

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