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Default In and Around Times Square, New York

NYC is unseasonably cold this week -- we're in the 20s right now -- with winds making it even feel colder. Sometimes it's good not to know that because then I would not have stopped to take pictures. I hope they're not for naught. I took these pictures yesterday.

#1) Times Square facing south.

#2) Approaching Times Square from the east. The glowing ball on the top left is the ball that drops on New Year's eve.

#3) Taken from the heart of Times Square facing the east corner of 7th, 46th, and Broadway. (True center would be at 45th street.)

#4) Disney Store on Broadway. The original Disney Store on the corner of 42nd and 7th was heralded by Time in 1997 as a "Miracle on 42nd St." for single-handedly revamping the image of the "sleaziest strip in the sleaziest part of town" into the family-oriented destination that it is today. It closed maybe ten years ago, then reopened at its new location on Broadway on November. I was there last week and enjoyed seeing all the technological displays in the store. The only part I didn't enjoy was that I was a lone man in a crowded department store with only a camera in hand and no kids in tow so surrounded by all these little kids running around I felt like a predator who was expecting to find a sex shop where a Disney store now stands...

Thank you for looking. C&C welcome.
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Another wonderful tour! I always enjoy your series.
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Thank you, gjtoth. I added a few more pics.

#5) Christmas Tree at Rockefeller.

#6) Angel at Rockefeller.

#7) Fifth Avenue corner of 42nd Street.

#8) Christmas Trees outside the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue.

#9) Approaching Times Square from the west side.
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I always enjoy viewing your downtown shots displaying the lights and movement of the traffic and people. You ever encounter problems with people or police when setting up a tripod or is that just a UK thing?
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Very nice as usual VV. The last one of Times Square with the traffic is my favorite. How about treating us to some of Rockefeller Center at night???

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Thanks, Kevin and Jehan.

Kevin, I have not had problems with cops. The only two times I was approached by a cop -- once while on a public rooftop parking lot taking pictures of buildings across the street and once in Times Square early in the morning when there weren’t any tourists yet -- both cops had smiles on their faces. They were inquiring about the scene I was shooting with an attitude that seemed like genuine interest. The cop in Times Square even followed and understood my explanation about slow shutter speeds to make people invisible like what I was attempting was really cool.

Of course they could be sizing me up, too, and if they did, they hid their intentions well.

I suspect NYPD cops are coached to approach tourists in a very friendly manner because even in this day and age of terrorism, chances are they are just that -- tourists.

This is my speculation only but I suspect they are aware of the shock factor of their uniform (it was changed from light blue to midnight navy blue some ten years ago to become more intimidating) so they counter it with a friendly approach.

I also see a lot of photographers in NYC (lone men carrying DSLRs and camera backpacks) with several carrying tripods. They’re everywhere. Most tripods are folded but from time to time I see one using it while shooting on the street. Just this past week I saw one position his tripod in the middle of a street, take a quick shot, then run back to the sidewalk to avoid any oncoming traffic. (There were none.)

I actually had more problems with building security guards. On more than one occasion they didn’t want me stepping on their premises (front stairs, usually) using my tripod even if shooting the street and not the building. Safety hazard is what they always cited.

Jehan, I was actually planning to shoot Rockefeller when I took that 42nd Street shot at night, but didn't have the time. I'll try to shoot it next week.

#10) Even in this day and age of cellphones and Magic Jacks, payphones are still everywhere in NYC. The last time I used one was 15 years ago, when I didn't want to use my desk phone for a job interview.
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Hi Vv,
Another wonderfull trip through the streets of NYC. I love the feel of 8 and 9, the hustle n bustle at 5.15, the clock is a great touch. Great set as usual.
or ev waaaaa.

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These are some nice shots of time square, I hope to visit someday, these pictures really make it look inviting.
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Thanks, Mark and dterry927.

#11) This was the shot I was taking when the cop approached me in Times Square. He seemed interested that slow shutter speeds made people invisible -- there were constantly people walking to work on the sidewalk. He said I should try Grand Central. I said I already did.

#12) I also showed this scene to the cop. I said the folded umbrella and the empty street showed nothing was going on.

#13) Enjoying the scene from the northwest corner of Bryant Park on 42nd and 6th.

#14) Port Authority Bus Terminal during rush hour. This terminal serves buses coming from the State of New Jersey.
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Makes me want to get down to the city bad and take some shots I've only been to nyc once and is was before I got my d3000 so I really want to go back its like a 5 or 6 hour drive from me
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