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Default Alpin glacial lake

hello everyone
rhemes valley-2600mt
Aosta Valley-Italy

Carlo Galliani
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That is a such a lovely shot I'm not sure you even need the foreground (stones). Maybe just crop it into a gorgeous panorama.
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Great shot. Love it.

Best regards/Daniel
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Oooo Wow, Love it what a great place. Can really feel the crispyness in the air.
or ev waaaaa.

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Beautiful, just a lovely picture.
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Yes, makes me feel like I'm right there...!
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Originally Posted by carlogalliani View Post

I think this is a very good picture and I feel this shot really needs the stones in the forground (disagreeing with Frogfishe's suggestion...) as this lovely foreground give the picture an additional dimension (I agree with FrogFish, that it WOULD be a nice panorama with the mountains alone - but this here is as good as it gets). Great depth and good composition - and of cours a great scenery (which goes without saying - because all of Südtirol has such loverly mountain-scenery!!! I have been there a lot and know the area well).

The only thing I must critisize ( or is ist "critizise"...?) on this picture, is it's size her in this post. I would love to see this LARGE (!!) minimum 1270 x 960 pixels or something like it... ....or even bigger!

Best regards from Norway,


Welcome to the site, Carlo!

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Carlo welcome to the forums. I must agree with Walter. I feel the stones in the forground anchor the whole shot. I love the way they slowly dissipate into the lake and eventually give way to the water. This is a great shot, I am really glad you posted it. I reviewed your web page and you have some really supurb photography posted. Dang those are very well done ( I especially liked the Mistica shot) any way I am pleased to see your caliber of work over all and look forward to seeing some of the comments on it when you post here again...!!!! \

Edit/ walter If you check out his site he has some larger sizes posted there and they are really some exciting pics with great diversity in my opinion.!!! Frank
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Simply spectacular. You made a great entrance at Steve's forums with amazing picks Carlo!
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Beautiful mountains, lovely sky, clear water with reflection, great DOF...what more could we ask? Thanks for sharing.
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