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Default After the After-Christmas NYC Blizzard

My wife, son, and I went to New York City after the blizzard after Christmas day. (For those in tropical climes, blizzard = heavy snow + gusty winds so it's doubly hard to see where you're going whether driving or on foot. Think horrendous snow in the opening scene of The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo was looking for Skywalker...)

New York City had 20-30 inches of snow -- the 5th largest ever. Many businesses were closed. Buses and subway trains were stalled some for seven hours with passengers trapped on board. Flights were canceled and as of last night would require 1,800 planes to fly out commuters stranded at airports. The city in effect was paralyzed.

Except for major attractions like the Met, the Natural History Museum, Guggenheim, etc. which remained open. So tourists were never without an option when they stepped out of their hotels even in the harshest of weathers.

And as you might see from the pictures we took as we strolled down 5th Avenue and Times Square, the blizzard of New York -- a royal pain to the locals -- was a blast to the tourist and a bonus to be bagged in rounding up the Big Apple experience.

#1) 48th Street beside Rockefeller Center. Traffic is slow and heavy at times because multi-lane roads turn into single lanes as snow banks filled both sides.

#2) A child plays in the snow on 5th Avenue.

#3) People will always dress up for Times Square even when it’s not advisable as the snow turns into mud.

#4) 5th Avenue. There is more snow than open roads or sidewalks to pass.

#5) Souvenir photos atop a mountain of snow in Times Square.

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More great shots - I do enjoy your tours of NYC. I really can't get over how narrow the roads are though.
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No doubt, your pictures are much better than having been there in person. Nice shots of a big mess.
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Nice one Billy,
We seen it all about NY on TV. It's great to see street level whats going on. Your pavements/ sidewalks are wider than our freeways/motorways even with the snow.
Have great new year.
or ev waaaaa.

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We were planning to celebrate our wedding anniversary during Christmas in NY. We were skeptical of spending winter in NY instead of California. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what we managed to avoid .
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The color and clairty of your third pic is really very good. Sorry to hear you guys are having difficulties in NYC. Hope it gets better soon Frank
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Thank you all, for the compliments and (mostly funny) comments.

#6) The pile of snow is sometimes almost as high as a sidewalk vendor's stall including the upright umbrella.

On most street corners the business establishment fronting the corner would clear just a slit between knee-high walls of snow for just one person to pass at a time.

So you can imagine crossing the avenue and then waiting for your turn through the narrow slit praying that none of the cars, taxis, and buses would hit you when the traffic behind you starts moving.
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Great pics VV! As always a pleasure to see your pics and read your stories. Itīs great to see New york this way.

Best regards/Daniel
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Thank you, Daniel.

#7) This Guess Store ad pic that my wife took seems to be taunting the crowd with its scantily clad models.
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