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Default Galeville and Gardiner, NY

I intended to take pictures of known UFO hotspots in Pine Bush early in the morning. I realize being called “UFO Capital of the Northeast” may or may not sit well with the residents of Pine Bush but that is probably how the hamlet is best known, thanks to a book on UFOs, “Silent Invasion” (1996) by Ellen Crystal, and “Communion” (1987) author Whitley Strieber whose cabin where many of his abduction experiences took place lies just outside of Pine Bush.

But I didn’t reach Pine Bush -- at least not until later in the day when I went back to take my wife for a drive in the scenic countryside -- because I was sidetracked by the frozen landscapes along the way. The snow-covered farms and banks of half-frozen rivers in the hamlet of Galeville and the dramatic view of the Shawangunks from the town of Gardiner caught my attention. I stopped often to take pictures.

While driving on Long Lane in the town of Shawangunk, I saw a sign for Galeville Park and made a turn for it. It was a small park which I’d say is ideal for picnicking and short walks. I presume it was created because of the expansive view behind it -- a wide open field which I later learned to be a once army training site now turned into the Shawangunks Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge.

A pickup truck was parked there when I arrived. A man was inside. While I took pictures of the landscape I heard the man step out. He had a Nikon camera with a substantial lens and tripod in front of him when I approached. A pair of binoculars hung around his neck.

I asked, “Are you taking pictures of birds?”

He said, “Yes”.

When I asked how long he’s been into photography he contemplated for a while before answering, “Since the 70s”. But, he explained, there was a “gap” meaning he stopped for a long time and then got back into it.

I introduced myself and asked if he put his pictures online. He said, “On Facebook.”

“Me, too,” I said.

He responded with what I understood to be something like we could be friends on Facebook.

Looking at my pictures now I think maybe that’s how things ought to be. Without meaning to dispel stories of alien visitations, maybe Pine Bush and its surrounding towns and hamlets look best when seen for what they truly are -- peace in the valley with friendly people in this rural part of slightly upstate New York.

#1) Early morning at Galeville. This is the view of the
Shawangunks Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge from Galeville Park.

#2) Gazebo at Galeville Park.

Bruynswick-Bentons Corners Rd in Gardiner. The Shawangunk Mountains is on the left.

#4) Shawangunk Ridge.

#5) Sunset at Gardiner.

Thank you for looking. C&C welcome.
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Numero 5 is my Fave Billy. Love the backlight on the grass in the foreground, the sun star and the super sky. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely nice image.
or ev waaaaa.

Lumix Fx-01

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#5 is my favorite also
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Looks like a clear crisp day. The last one works for me. It looks like it was taken at just the right moment to get the sun below the clouds but above the tree line.

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Thank you, all. #5 was actually taken on a road off the stretch of road in #3. I guess we were fortunate we arrived at the spot at sunset.

#6) Looking west from Galeville Park.

#7) Galeville Bridge in the town of Shawangunk. According to a resident in nearby Wallkill Valley, near this bridge are frequent UFO sightings. The paint on this bridge won't stay on, says the resident, that it has to be painted "over and over" because the heat from the UFO must be peeling the paint off, (source: http://archive.recordonline.com/arch...6/15/bqufo.htm)

#8) I took this picture of Main Street in Pine Bush in 2008. My son was playing tuba (sousaphone for a marching band) in the Pine Bush High School Marching Band. I just wanted to show the flying saucer in the shop window on the right. I guess the locals don't mind having their hamlet, Pine Bush, dubbed, "UFO Capital", after all.
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Also love #5. Its beautiful.

Best regards/Daniel
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Thanks, Daniel.

#9) Shawangunks Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge "Topaz Simplify'ed".
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