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Nice Shot Jim. The B&W imparts a sense of a coming storm, while the color conveys a little more serenity with the blue of the sky braking thu the clouds, and the lovely shade of blue-green of the water in the center. I have to vote for #2 this time.
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great image(s). i find some merit to both, but i do also prefer the mono version as it just enhances the power of the water hitting the rocks
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Awesome color and B&W. I keep scrolling between the two trying to decide which one I like best, but you sold me on the B&W.
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Actually I would do a side by side hanging in a studio for differencing of opinion.. placing a table with pencils and paper to place a vote is it were to be shown live.. and if you would need to add some funds to your pocket make it tickets for a fee with the vote and later pull em and send the choice to the winner.. and the rest could be opportunity some how ... perhaps a class in how to take a better shot or what ever...
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Intense, as someone said above, is what I would call it as well. You have great emotion in your photos. I especially love the stark black and white ones...some are just beyond words.
Didn't you just love the old darkroom days, or maybe I was in the fumes too long. But, it was the 'history' of it all. The miracle of watching something come from nothing on the paper...and if it was great...fantastic.
I know, easily amused...
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Thanks everyone for commenting !! much appreciated !!
Lisa, the old dark room days had their fun and excitement, however it had other issues to deal with too,, such as expense buying film, chemical, paper, silver papers became quite expensive, thats one of the reasons I love digital, no cost in film, I now use my computer as my "darkroom" only with more capabilities,,
I really appreciate everyone looking and commenting, this site really seems active without being overly active
" I'm growing older,, but not up "

Jimmy Buffett
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Color made me go WOW
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