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tswen Apr 30, 2011 5:35 PM

Couple days worth of photos
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Hello all,

Haven't had a chance to go through the photos i've taken the past couple of days because my job has kept me away. But finally got a day off and here are the results. Enjoy, and feel free to comment


Mark1616 Apr 30, 2011 5:50 PM

Very moody. Number 1 rocks it for me.... great job!!

tswen May 1, 2011 3:15 AM

Thank you mark, number one rocked it for me too. Right near where the lightning is coming down is where my car is parked. The state park has gates set up so its about 1/3rd mile walk to the breast of the dam. It wasn't until that shot that i realized how quickly the storm had moved in. I took shelter near what i think is an access building, what it really is i don't know. The rain came down hard and the lighting cracked all around the hills. It was the first time in quite awhile that i've actually been scared.

A suggestion to any new photographers here reading this that want to start taking lightning/storm photos. Don't be like me, use common sense and be aware of your surroundings. With all the technology we have i should have pulled up the radar on my phone and kept refreshing it every so often.
Getting caught off guard like i did can lead to injury or death, no photo is worth that.

jjdog2 May 1, 2011 6:01 PM

Thanks for sharing such great shots. #1 is just fantastic.


umdaman1 May 2, 2011 12:37 AM

You're right about the risks of lightning, tswen. It can strike from miles away! That being said, #1 is a fantastic shot.

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