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The first one is my absolute favourite. Like the others, I love fireworks shots. The framing in the first one, with the stars in the background too is absolutely stunning. I'd have it framed.
Thanks so much for posting it.
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#1 is sweet Bynx!
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Thanks for your comments guys. Makes it worth while.
And Kevin, how is the aerial photography coming? Im just aching to get up and take pics.
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Originally Posted by Bynx View Post
Family Day in Ajax was concluded with a nice fireworks display.

Brilliant, Bynx, to me a real masterpiece


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The pictures are optimized for slideshows. The slideshow button is at the upper right. Please use your loudspeakers. There is some music, progressive music from the seventies in the different galleries.

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Hey Bynx, I went up in April and it appears July is going to be very busy! I came back from a photo opp in Quebec City and tried to arrange an aerial for the Holland Team I was photographing (pre-WorldSkills 2011, Quebec City, June 1 - 4 ) and with a national realty firm with commercial properties there but Holland's WorldSkills event in London UK in October is more important to do an aerial and getting the realty firm to move on aerials is like moving the Titanic.

We have a large baseball event coming up in Calgary on July 21 - 28 and the committee directing that one is very interested in having an aerial shot done of that one so we shall see soon if they give the 'green light'....

A lot of these commercial aerial jobs require board room discussions and from several days to weeks to make a decision.

Is your ache to go up something you do or wish you could do?
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These are really good, Paul. I especially like the landscaped version in #1. I've been showing this around (to Vi and fb friends) as the kind of shot I'd like to make. I suppose you have to be tipped to find great spots like this? Unless you were just going out for a stroll one night and when you happened to look right there it was? And, oh yes, you happened to be carrying your camera and tripod, too...
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Very nice series. I love the panoramic over the lake. I wish we had as nice a backdrop for our fire works. Our venue is the local AA ballpark after a hot (102F) July game. Well done.
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Number one has a dreamlike nostalgia feeling, as though I saw this as a boy and just now remembered it.

A lot of your work does that to me, and I have to say I like it.
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NICE shots Bynx! COOL pano!
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