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Originally Posted by schmintan View Post
I don't think people should feel attacked if someone gives constructive criticism. Conversely I think people should deliver constructive criticism in a mannerly and helpful fashion.

I post on photo site to actively seek out constructive criticism. It helps see an image through other peoples eyes from an angle or perspective I might not otherwise think of. This helps me improve.

Regarding this particular image, exposure is bang on, giving gorgeous greens and browns.
It's really really sharp.
I prefer a lower perspective for these style of images but the perspective is not terrible. The reason I go for a low perspective is to get a view that is not what anyone walking by that seen, looking straight down would see, you are in the scene as opposed to above it.

I agree with previous comments that it would be a lot more appealing if the water was more blurred.

Nice image overall though.
unfortunately, there wasn't a way to get that view from a lower angle... the stream runs through a narrow little ditch about 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep, and in order to get a lower view, i'd pretty much have to set the camera itself down on the bank... didn't wanna do that, because there was still snow in places and the bank was wet and muddy... plus, i didn't want to lose the sense of the two upstream rocks acting as a 'gateway' channeling the water to the rock in the middle...

Out where the rivers like to run, I stand alone, and take back something worth remembering...
~ Three Dog Night

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It was a pleasure to read your take on the scene you saw and pondered and how it aplies to our lives. The photo clearly supports your thoughtful words.

No good deed (or effort) here will go unpunished but what I can see here is that just like the water that flows around the obstruction, so will you and you'll take another thought provoking shot and if it speaks to your soul then you've gained everything and so much more.
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