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tswen- your "Windows XP" shot suggests you don't need an ND grad'.....
And where software/HDR/Photoshop etc.. come into its own is on busy landscapes with trees,hills,buildings at varying distances/heights etc- something an ND grad would have little use on...
I used to be obsessive about trying to capture a "correct" exposure straight off,in one go- but bracketed exposures can create so much more tones/detail etc- and as such, I have succumbed to the world of the digital darkroom...
Shame on me...lol...
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OK, here’s one straight out of camera. Except for converting to smaller JPEG. I was originally waiting for the “golden hour” to get some shots of my city from across the water, but then I looked behind me and saw we were in for one helluva sunset.
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Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
G'day Travis
-good post .. good topic
I shoot exclusively in jpg format - 98% of my images stay as ex-camera and viewers never know the difference, nor do they comment. However I do find that the tweaks available to me from time-to-time are all I need to 'fix' something that may be a bit light or a bit dark [ie- levels & curves mainly]
Regards, Phil
I also fall into that camp, shoot mostly JPEGS, with occasional tweaking. I like the ooc realistic colors that my Olympus cameras produce.
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