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Paul, those are interesting photos and probably a LOT of interesting history that could be told. The polarizer did fine.....it is supposed to enhance, right?:-)
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Hi there!

Yes indeed I'm sure there is a LOT more history and information about such places I could know (if there was a tour guide!)... still I enjoy discovering such forsaken places by myself too. I was at a famous palace a few days before, a very touristy and "manicured" place... this was the complete opposite... just overgrown with bushes, grass, etc.

I'm still very new to polarizers... But from what I know, polarizing filters help to enhance certain photos by cutting out reflections (such as water particles in the air), often reducing "sky haze" and defining white clouds in a blue(r) sky, as well as highlight the greens of plants. Don't ask me the technical details of it, but I hope to learn more about it one time. Circular polarizing filters (such as the 2 I have) need to be rotated to an effective angle (there are 2 glass parts) in relation to each other and it works in relation to ange of the sun (to the photo).

Basically you just turn the front part of the polariser filter till you see the best "definition" in clouds (as least that's what I do!) On some photos the difference is amazing!

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