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Default ľURGENT - Please HELP - George Missing

Dear ALL

Very sadly, George has gone missing. He took off and hid yesterday, 21 June, and has still not come back. Normally he sits outside the house and waits where my car is parked and does not go far. He lives around 2km from Bidarry on the Route Nationale D918 in the Pay Basque.

He is a Fox Terrior, white large brown and black patches. He has his summer hair cut with moustache and long eyebrows. He is wearing a red collar and he has a microchip implant for identification purposes.

I am worried that someone may have thought he was abandoned and that they have taken him. In which case he could be anywhere.

It is a silly thing to ask, but if any of you could phone your local radio stations (France, Spain, Portugal, UK etc) and pass an add for a missing, much loved and adored little dog, then I would be enternally grateful. Attached is a photo of George taken 4 days ago.

Thank you in advance for any help - Dyane & George x x x
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That's terrible news Diane; I hope you find him soon.

Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome and appreciated.
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best of luck for a safe return
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I've helped to moderate these forums for a number of years now. You'd be surprised at what I see posted, and lots of members try the use the forums for their favorite non profit cause (save the xxxx animals, help cure xxx disease, help find my lost child, etc.).

So, as a general rule of thumb, I delete those threads and let the members posting them know that we are a photography forum, not a forum for supporting some other agenda, even if the posts are for a good cause and they're not motivated by profit or commercial purposes.

Otherwise, we'd have many, many posts that are not related to photography here.

But, in this case, since you're an existing member in good standing with a lot of posts helping others, I'll make an exception, and hope that this thread helps you to find George.

Please let us know how the search turns out, and Good Luck.
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For those of us who count an animal as a dear friend, they are like family. My prayers are for you and for him, and for you to be reunited.

Let us know how it turns out.
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Hope George finds his way home soon.
Comments always welcome.
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