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The second of two photos I would like to have into larger print. It is a digital photo taken with a Canon A85 on Auto setting. Original is 4 megapixels.
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4mp should be fine up to 11x14. I would recommend you optimize the image in your photo editor ie Photoshop etc. If a print larger than 11 x 14 is needed I suggest you purchase Qimage (do google serch to find), it is inexpensive and has the option to do high quality interpilation and save as new file.

Good luck.
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You don't say what you are using as an image editor or what size you want the print. Also, do you have the free version of Neat Image yet? Genuine Fractals or QImage?

In general I would select the rugrat and inverse. Then blur the background some so he stands out better. TimvdVelde has a nice tutorial on that for Photoshop that could probably be used in PSP etc. http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23

First you need to crop the image to the proportions you need for the print. Nothing fits perfectly on a standard 3:4 digital image. If you don't have something like Photoshop you might want to use this: http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/

If you are printing it very large like 16 X 20 you need to upsample the image. Shoot for the longest dimension being 5000 to 6000 pixels, or 250 to 300 times the length in inches for a different size. I probably wouldn't resample for an 11 X 14, but that is up to you. I have actions set up for stair interpolation in Photoshop, but Genuine Fractals and the new resample filter in QImage also do a good job. If you don't have sophisticated software you can't do much better than the Lanczos filter in the free Irfanview.

The picture needs some defogging with a high radius and low amount in unsharp mask. That improves the saturation a little as well.

I find that Neat Image does a nice job of smoothing out the pixels after you upsample so a large blowup doesn't look too grainy. Mess with the settings.

This is a real quick and dirty. Defogging, duplicate layer, gaussian blur, erased the kid and applied a tad of Neat Image. If I were making a large print I would spend a LOT more time, and it is much easier working with the full image.

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My Quickee, Slipe makes good points all round, mine is overdone but typical for me.

Made duplicate layer set mode to multiply and adjusted opacity to tame down highlights,did gaussian blur, erased over your son to let him through, did some burning and dodging and a little work on eyes.

Thanks for the fun lunchtme.
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