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I'm a total beginner in photography (not only digital) and this is the first picture I'm happy with. Please, don't hesistate to give me tips

Canon EOS 20 D - Sigma 70-300 APO DG

Manual - F/4 - 1/30 sec - focal length : 100 mm - raw - no flash

Thank you for viewing

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your spot of focus is just off a bit. You can either move to a higher fstop to increase your depth of field or make sure the focus is where you want (or use a shorter zoom, which will give you more depth of field as well). It looks like her chest area has the best focus, it should be her face.

also the crop is a bit akward, cutting off her shoulder and book. Not sure what can be done with that depending on the original.

Thats one hell of a camera to learn on......
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Bound to be a treasured photo memory in years to come.
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Welcome to the forum. The first step is the most important one. A lot of things will come with time. Just keep at it.
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First of all, thank you for your answers

I agree with you VAtechtigger for the focus problem, I think I understood the theory behind the DOF (small FStop = short DOF, big FStop = deep DOF) but I still have to practice a lot before I get the results I have in my head. Here, I really wanted to have a blurry wall but I tried to get the head in focus and ... missed :rollI really wanted to make the picture without my mother noticing it, I liked how concentrated she loooks ). For the croping, I also agree with you, but here it's more because there's a piece of furniture in the uncroped version that doesn't look too good :G

And you're right, it's a beautiful camera (probably overkill for a beginner in fact). I really wanted to get the best I can afford, I'm far to be rich so I knew, if I bought one half the price of this one (I think it's more or less what you have to spend to get an average one) I would be stuck with it for a while and would probably not enjoy it as much. At least, with this one I'm sure I will have to learn a lot to get the best out of it and I will certainly not be limited by the camera before long (especially not with the speed I learn )

Thank you again for your comments and I wish you an happy new year

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