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Count me in as a former owner of the YashicaMat 124. My very fist camera. Coincedently, it was a Christmas gifty from my folks. Ohh the work I did with that camera over the years.
I have an old Minolta X700 35mm, which I have often thought of ditching, but I just cant bring my self to do it, as I did with the Yashica. One move I have often regretted.

My father recenly passed too. Whilst we were clearing out the house for sale, we came upon a very old roll of exposed 127 b/w film. We all were interested in seeing what was on there. Unfortunatley, the place I toke it to, does not do that size. Even more unfortunate, now I have read there are still places that just might do them, I believe I tossed it.
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zig-123 wrote:

As for my daughter, this is what she looks like today, 28 yrs later;
Ahhhhh, nothing like the passing of time.
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Zig, that's been a absorbing tread indeedy thanks to the heartily contributions following the amazing story thefilm rollforgotten in the camera cabinet for28 years!...and the quite a candid capture of this little girl with remarkablespectacles whichpopped out from this roll : ) Your adding a comparative picture of her 'after 28 years' made meroll the wheel of the mouse repeatedly! Ah, how the time passes both through and around an image but with varying pacing...Btw, I also have a Yaschica, a40 year-old slr given me by my fatherwhen I was a teenagerdue tomy exceeding interest in it!

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This is something more than an art.....it's something with lots of emotion. Thank you so much for sharingand posting a recent pic of her.

I have 2 little children and now know how important it is to archive each shot!
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Zig, a well known photographer in our town shot a wedding for a couple in 1968. He put together a wedding album for them and everything was lovely. Then, on September 16, 2004, Hurricane Ivan came to visit, and completely destroyed the couples beach condo. After the clean up was in motion, they visited the their wedding photographer to see, if by some miracle, he had saved their negatives. After thirty six years, he found them and was able to put their wedding album back together for them. True story..Robert
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