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purpleehobbit Nov 9, 2010 2:48 AM

Halloween! Better late than never :)
So this year my mother-in-law went a little costume crazy. She bought my 3-yr-old two costumes (and they were both over 20.00, which I think is a bit much for a 3-yr-old, but what do I I spent $2 on a witch hat, $4 on a pair of pumpkin knee-high socks, and raided her dress up box filled with dresses from the thrift store. So you can imagine my mother-in-laws joy when my daughter insisted on being a witch for halloween... But she did wear her other costumes too.

My 10-yr-old was just not in to it this year and picked out a skeleton sweatshirt as his costume...

1. She was a silly witch. This was the day before getting ready to go to a party.

2. He was mocking me and my camera...

3. This was the first time I handed my camera off to someone else. She was...confused. And no, I didn't dye my hair pink/purple just for halloween, it's like that all the time, lol. Well, kind of, it changes colors periodically...

4. This one was actually a week before halloween. We were testing out different costumes... But she has the perfect little ballerina toes in this one...

5. One of grandma's picks. She only wore it for the picture a couple of days before halloween, but she'll probably wear it to disneyland when we go in a couple of weeks.

6. Pardon the heavy processing. I didn't take my DSLR to disneyland and was kicking myself about it too since she wore her Cinderella costume and we happened to find Cinderella...

7. A little less halloween, but Princess Emma got Tron-ified at Disneyland. If you've like the movie Tron, or have even seen it, you can image it was kind of neat to stand under all the blue lights...or maybe I'm just a little geeky :)

hkmp50 Dec 4, 2010 12:46 AM

I like the tippy toe princess photo. Happy holidays!

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