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Default I got engaged today!!!

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce that I got engaged today after many many years of waiting to my Egyptian.... well now fiancee (still sounds strange). I'm over in Egypt for 3 weeks with my parents for all the formal things that take place here so it's pretty exciting so say the least. I've not really taken any photos of her yet this trip as we've been crazy busy sorting everything out, but hope to soon. We've been also looking at studios to do our official engagement photos, this is an interesting process as I'm probably a bit more fussy than most. Some work really sucks but think we have found a good one. I will add some more to this thread over there next few weeks.

Here is a shot taken on the SX1 by a waitress.

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Congratulations Mark! That is fantastic, best wishes to you both!

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Best wishes indeed. All the best to you and your lovely fiancee. Also cudos to your waitress who obviously has talents in other areas.
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Congrads to you and hope you have a happy life ahead

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Congratulations, Mark, all the best to you both!

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With your talent, I'd be Very scared to be your wedding photographer. I was very picky myself, and was also let down by three things from our photographer:

1. He shot with film (not a huge deal, but I wanted some JPEGs at the least)
2. He had the date imprinted on our prints (I guess this will help me remember in my later years )
2. When the battery died on his camera, for some reason it changed the date imprint to the next day! So various shots in our album have the WRONG date imprinted on them (dang, looks like there's still a chance for me to get the date wrong when asked by the Wifey 20-30 years down the road).

Do you have a date set for the ceremony?
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congratulations to you both dont forget the close up of the rock
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Congrats of course and keep in mind of the reasons why you both decided to do it.. Because of what you feel for each other .. many Blessings to you both... and enjoy the rest of your lives together.. and boy an Egyptian they can be so much fun thinking of the one that I chat with in IMVU.. I have not been there or a time...Tsk Tsk... yea we have to see the ROCK....
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Make sure to send us wedding invites (and plane tickets). ;-)
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Fantastic Mark! That's great to hear. Best of luck to you and your fiance on a happy life together.
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